December 1

Pay Attention to the Needs of Others

One of the challenges during the month of Sagittarius, as well as for Sagittarians themselves, is that with all the optimistic, enthusiastic, and positive energy, we tend to become completely self-involved. We prefer to be on our own, move on our own path, and disregard the people around us – people who may need our help or are even trying to give us an important message. This is the lack of sensitivity and tact that is often associated with Sagittarius. Since today the Sun is forming a conflicting aspect with the North Node in Cancer, we all have this potential caveat ahead. But, what a gift it is to know the challenge ahead of time so we can prepare for it and ensure our success. We can now be on the lookout for moments of insensitivity and self-absorption. We can make the effort to pay attention and listen to others. We can be in service to others by being sensitive to their emotional needs. Today, and every day, life is counter-intuitive. It is actually far more beneficial to us to stay tuned into the needs of others rather than to only be tuned into our own individual endeavors and desires. We always open the door for more when we think about ourselves just a little bit less. 

December 2

Diamond in the Rough

Today is a big day. Jupiter is moving into the sign of Capricorn. This is a significant change because Jupiter resides within each sign for approximately one year. Jupiter is ending its time in its home sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is known as the great benefactor[u1] . It naturally provides the direction and energy needed in order to experience growth, success, and expansion in our lives. With Jupiter in Capricorn, the message is if we want to see fruits this year, if we want to be at the top of our game and achieve any type of success, we need to become serious, dedicated, and show perseverance. The sign of Capricorn is willing to make an effort, work hard, and push through any challenge. Think about the process of producing diamonds. Dark black coal undergoes tremendous pressure, and through that experience, the purest, most beautiful diamond emerges. During any challenge that we might face today, and throughout this year, visualize the diamond. Whatever the obstacle, remember it is only there to help you become the best version of yourself. Challenging experiences are gifts to help us grow, expand, and to achieve real lasting success, success in its purest form that lasts for the long run and not simply for a fleeting moment. 

December 3

Being Seen in Your Best Light

Today, we can win the prize of most popular! With the Mars and Venus sextile, charm and charisma are turned on “high.” This is beneficial for any type of social interaction, romantic interaction, or any business presentation when you need look good, sound good, and be convincing. Passion is another element that can be felt and expressed with today’s positive energy. Take advantage of these cosmic gifts. See how you can light a fire in areas that have lacked passion. Today, the right balance occurs between giving and receiving love. Harmony, love, beauty, and passion fill the air! A gentle flattering cosmic Light shines upon us today. Take advantage of this moment and strike when the iron is hot!

December 4

Finding the Balance

Today, with the Moon in Pisces conjunct with Neptune in Pisces, our intuitive nature is receiving a cosmic boost. The energies of Pisces, Neptune, and the Moon awaken the desire to be of service to others. We feel drawn to help, support, and nurture those in need. The challenge will be to keep that desire in balance. We do not want to open the door for others to be unhealthily dependent upon us. We also need to make sure we do not drain ourselves in our care and service to others. The key is to devote ourselves in a balanced way and not to deplete ourselves of energy and Light which will only prevent us from sharing all together. Finding this balance is vital today. Be there for others, support them, and show love and compassion, just remember to take care of yourself along the way. Can you really love someone else if you do not know how to love yourself? Can you really honor another if you are not honoring yourself? We are all unified. If you can see the needs of another, see your needs, as well. Finding the balance between giving and receiving is always the path to success, fulfillment, and creating an infinite circuitry with the Creator’s Light. 

December 5

Lessons for the Year

With Jupiter joining the pack of planets in the sign of Capricorn, we can expect to learn many lessons during the upcoming year. There is a great deal of energy and planetary power in Capricorn that we will not be able to run away from or ignore. Pluto helps us to transform, Saturn is our great teacher, the South Node reveals our baggage from past lives, Venus deals with our relationships and finances, and Jupiter directs us to growth and opportunities. All of these planets in Capricorn are here to teach us something valuable. Those cosmic giants are not only influential on a personal level, but will also be influencing humanity as a whole and even shaping our history. To boil it all down, this is our advice for the upcoming year: Seek within and be honest about what is no longer working for you. Do not be afraid to make changes. Be open to working hard to achieve results and to reach the top. Be sincere, consistent, and do not give up. Capricorn reveals our highest potential. It is a heavier load to carry but with it come the biggest rewards! Let us all meditate to be aligned with this cosmic energy today. Ask the Creator for the strength, wisdom, and certainty to utilize these forces so they manifest in the best possible way for ourselves, our family and friends, and the world. 

December 6

Learning to Love Without Conditions 

With the combination of the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries today, we need to learn about loving unconditionally. The combination of two fiery signs will entice us to only engage with others if we are the ones who are leading and getting to say the last word. Giving others terms and conditions to our help should not be the way for today. Discover the beauty of being invisible. Experience the relief of not always thinking about your own needs. Fire does not give air, it takes it. On the other hand, fire offers a beautiful Light. It is the needed Light to push us toward taking the lead and being more responsible. Sagittarius and Aries will help us become more assertive and take control. The element of fire is powerful and necessary. We need it to cook and keep warm, but it can burn. Today, allow the power of fire to only reveal its positive attributes. Become a benevolent leader. While you lead and take control, show compassion and unconditional love, you will then experience the great power and blessings of these wonderful signs. 

December 7 - Shabbat Vayetze

Time to Strengthen Our Consciousness

Our spirituality is being challenged with today’s aspect of the Sun and Neptune. According to Kabbalah, we create our own reality. Our consciousness determines how we handle life’s circumstances and even how they manifest. It is our state of minds that ultimately determines how our reality unfolds. A good example would be if two of the best business students from the most prestigious universities graduated with the exact same grades. Both, upon graduating, opened their own businesses. After five years, one was still struggling after having attempted several businesses, while the other was thriving at her first attempt and had become a millionaire. How would you explain that? Yes, it is true that there are many factors to success, such as the environment and our support system. However, according to Kabbalah, our reality all starts and ends with our consciousness. We generate a more positive reality if we can deal with the challenges of life by striving to understand the spiritual significance behind them. Seeing everything as doors to our spiritual growth and benefit is what will separate us from the pack. Without this elevated perspective, challenges can seem like endless, random, and meaningless slaps from the universe, which is not the truth. The Creator gave us this world only for our benefit, growth, and blessing. Everything is from the love of the Creator. Today, there is a danger of forgetting this. We can be inclined to fall into sadness and the illusionary reality. We can easily feel stress and guilt. Let us, instead, remember that whatever we are facing is sent to us for our own good. There is a blessing waiting there for us. We are being given the opportunity for growth and to develop our power. See the challenge for what it is: a path to your greatness. 

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November 27

Waking Up from the Dream

Neptune is finally leaving retrograde after being so since last June. Neptune is the planet of dreams, of the unseen world, and the spiritual unlimited reality. Neptune also channels our creativity. When Neptune is in retrograde, things are brewing on the inside, like falling into a deep sleep. These last few months were the time to develop and connect to our vision, insights, and dreams. Now that Neptune moves direct, it is the time to wake up and begin to act! Everything that was concealed is now ready to be manifested with Neptune’s forward direction. Today, take a step towards planning and manifesting your dreams. Start to plant the seeds of your desired reality. Before anything manifests, we must first see it in our minds. The mind is the beginning of everything in this world. We need only to believe it, and then we shall see it. 

November 28 – New Moon of Sagittarius (Thanksgiving Day, USA)

Appreciation Is Joy

Today, in America, the holiday of Thanksgiving is celebrated. This is a beautiful day of focusing upon appreciation. Luckily, it does not matter what country around the world you are in, as today’s unique cosmic energy can still support you in cultivating appreciation. We learn in Kabbalah that appreciation is the vessel that contains the Light and blessings of our lives. Think about it, we enjoy the things the most that we acknowledge and appreciate. Humility and gratitude foster joy. The more we can learn to appreciate the people in our life, the situations we find ourselves in, and ourselves in general, the more Light that we will experience from those things. Today, with Mercury and Neptune aligning beautifully, we are receiving the aid to be increasingly sensitive to our environment, which includes the opinions of others. This alignment will awaken and amplify our inspiration and what we can acknowledge. Let us be a source of inspiration for others and let us appreciate the people who inspire us and every blessing we are able to see around us. Becoming aware of our blessings, awakening our inspiration, and fostering a true sense of appreciation, will take us a few more steps closer to authentic joy and ultimately closer to the Light force of the Creator.

November 29 - New Moon of Sagittarius

This Month’s Mission

Today, we celebrate the beginning of the month of Sagittarius in the Kabbalistic Calendar. The sign of Sagittarius is full of spiritual Light and contains an abundance of energy. Those born under this sign strive to grow, evolve, and get closer to their truth and purpose. They are very courageous and have a strong belief of the Light of the Creator within them, regardless of what challenge they may face. Fortunately, we all can connect to these qualities this month, regardless of our personal birth sign. So far, this month sounds heavenly, but what is the spiritual work that is required from us in the month of Sagittarius? What do we need to overcome? To help answer these questions, here is Rav Berg’s advice from his book, Kabbalistic Astrology: “For the Sagittarian there is always a ‘happy ending.’ The influence of Jupiter convinces them that everything will be fine in the end. While Kabbalah teaches us that this is ultimately true, Sagittarians must not allow their optimism to become complacency and smugness. They cannot simply depend on the planetary influence to pull them through their correction. Everyone has work to do.” While this month may be the luckiest and most positive month of the year, let us not rest on our laurels. We do not have angel wings just yet. Life’s most urgent questions are, “Who can I help?” “Who can I serve?” “With whom can I share some of my abundance?” If you have been blessed with a little sunshine, always remember to spread it around to those who may be experiencing a cloudy day. 

November 30 - Shabbat Toldot


The Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius today, and together with the Sun in Sagittarius, we have a winning combination to help us achieve independence in our lives. Take the time, today, to reflect upon the areas of life in which you are simply too needy and dependent. Maybe you wait for approval, confirmation, or permission from others before taking a step forward? Maybe you wait for circumstances to change before following your gut and taking a stand? Maybe you simply do not believe that you, yourself, can create your own reality and ideal life? Today, ask yourself, “What are my limiting belief systems?” Ask yourself, “Where do I desire more freedom?” “How can I move closer to independence?” Fear is reactivity and it is the root of dependency and stagnation. Our solution is certainty in ourselves and the Light of the Creator, which is always with us. Certainty is a proactive consciousness that opens the doors to change and allows us to connect to our heart’s calling. Certainty gives way to freedom and true independence. Connect to the power of the Creator within yourself and you will be able to connect to a life of your dreams, free from fear. 

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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

November 17

Determination and Focus

For the last few days of the sun being in the sign of Scorpio, we should take advantage of the sign’s positive qualities while we still can. Scorpio offers us the incredible power and ability to stick to a goal, without permitting any obstacle to divert us from our path. The scorpion’s ability to focus like a laser and carry through with strength is one of a kind. Choose one of your goals today and ask for the power of focus and determination. See yourself surmounting any foreseeable obstacle along the way. See yourself as powerful and fearless. See yourself as having complete certainty and impervious to negative forces that may try to stop you from achieving your goal. The strength and power of the Scorpion is almost unmatched. Today, call forth your inner scorpion to make anything happen!

November 18

A Double Dose of Power

Mars enters Scorpio today. With Mars in Scorpio during the month of Scorpio, we must be warned of aggressive impulses. For those of us who see themselves as calm, patient, and tranquil people, this double Scorpion energy can potentially manifest in internal turmoil that can lead to passive aggressiveness. Be aware of this double dose of Scorpio as it is influencing us until January 3rd. Mars in Scorpio can be a great push to help us act upon our deepest and truest desires. It is in the fight for what is real and true we are best taking advantage of this cosmic window and softening its intensity. Avoid conflicts and direct this fiery energy towards others, especially when you do not agree with them. Scorpio is all about power and having a double dose of it requires extra caution and concern. Focus upon what is true, noble, and what really is in your heart. Once you are clear on your desire to love more and be a better channel for goodness in this world, use this power now, up until January 3rd, to make it happen!

November 19

The Desire to Be at the Top

The Moon has been in the sign of Leo for the last two days. This, together with Mars entering into Scorpio, creates the desire to be at the top of life and be the very best. Notably, Mars is not the only planet in Scorpio; it is joining Mercury and the Sun. This cosmic influence awakens and strengthens our power and desire! Be aware of potential drawbacks, however. Watch for arrogance, the need to control, and becoming overly ambition. When ambition is balanced, it is a positive attribute. The desire to advance, climb, achieve, and receive more is a positive desire. The danger that comes with desire is that our egos can blow up out of control. Seeing people as mere stepping stones to reach our destination, being fueled by having things when others do not, competing with others, and needing respect and recognition are all ways the ego can putrefy our healthy ambition. It is fascinating to know that a strong and big desire is actually a vital ingredient in our spiritual journey. If we do not want to be closer to the Creator, help others, discover our souls, or generate Light, then we will not work towards spirituality. The desire to become more than who we currently are and build our connection to the Light is the spiritual path. The desire to heal and improve our lives must be present or we cannot eliminate our personal and global chaos. Therefore, desiring and wanting the best is one of the most critical qualities to develop. However, we need to keep our desire focused upon the Light, and not for negativity. While we continue on our spiritual path, we want to keep detached from the shadow aspects of the ego. Be sure that our desire is linked to helping others, unity, love, and creation, not merely to satisfy our own needs. Being on the top of life means you have become a channel for all that is good in this world. Success is not about how much we can make, but rather about the kind of person we can become. 

November 20

Mercury Is Turning Direct Again!

The veils of confusion and fog are being lifted with Mercury turning direct again. Retrograde is finally over! Mercury turning direct is good for communications and interactions of all kinds. Direct Mercury also helps us to think clearly and it helps to removes our doubts and confusion. If you were experiencing any challenges in electronics, having any technical issues, or unable to get the deal done, now is the time these obstacles will potentially fall by the wayside. With the wind at our backs, we are able to journey all the more quickly and pleasantly. With Mercury direct, we find the waters calm and smoother sailing ahead. 

November 21

Get Ready for High Speed

If you experienced delays in the past months, such as certain projects getting stuck or not receiving the answers that you need, get ready to be freed from these obstacles. Prepare yourself for high speed resolution and movement! With Mercury direct, prepare to move forward quickly and efficiently. Like running in a marathon, we want to be trained and ready at the starting point. We need to be ready with energy and motivation for the entire run. In the same way, we want to be prepared for what is occurring cosmically. As soon as the energy is clearing up and the path is ready, the universe fires the gun and tells us to run! Now is the time to know you have strength and opportunity to change. The universe is in full support of you. Your blessings and goals are finally in reach. All you need is the motivation and desire to make things happen. Get ready, get set, and speed forward to your next level and achievement! 

November 22 - Rav Avraham Azulai

The Blessing of Longevity

Today is a very powerful day on the kabbalistic calendar. It is the day of elevation for one of history’s great spiritual giants: Rav Avraham Azulai. On a righteous soul’s day of elevation, we have the gift to be more able to tap into their unique spiritual power and even ask for their individual spiritual assistance. The blessing of Rav Avraham Azulai is immortality. Immortality can be a difficult concept to grasp. What does it mean to be immortal? What does that look like for us? We can better understand the concept of immortality by thinking of it as longevity. Longevity is something everyone wants in every positive area of life. We work hard to keep what is good. Rav Azulai and the gift of immortality can bring life to those areas we feel have lost that special spark or they are simply not what they use to be. This energy can also strengthen what is already developing and growing. In addition, today, the Sun is moving into the sign of Sagittarius. This movement give us extra support in experiencing this taste of immortality and the blessings Rav Avraham Azulai is offering. Joy, optimism, purpose, and spiritual wisdom are being activated today in the universe. Let us take the time to acknowledge them, appreciate them, and tap into them!

November 23 - Shabbat Chayei Sarah

A Lucky Star Watches Over Us

Today, we have a powerful connection between Venus and Jupiter. Both are in Sagittarius and both are adjacent. Venus and Jupiter offer blessings and good luck, all the more so when they reside in positive and expansive Sagittarius. This cosmic jackpot also assists us in our relationships, especially with our teachers and students. We gain the capacity to exchange energy in a meaningful and spiritual manner. We are easily able to learn, process, and apply wisdom from our mentors, and simultaneously, bestow wisdom of our own to those who look to us for support. Additionally, this cosmic connection can embolden our finances and expand any opportunity that may come our way. Jupiter, known as “the great beneficiary,” is touching the planets of love and money; this can potentially allow tremendous and unexpected growth and expansion beyond any limit. The sky is the only limit today, and in it resides a lucky star that is shining happily upon us. 

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