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Weekly Astrology

December 1

Pay Attention to the Needs of Others

One of the challenges during the month of Sagittarius, as well as for Sagittarians themselves, is that with all the optimistic, enthusiastic, and positive energy, we tend to become completely self-involved. We prefer to be on our own, move on our own path, and disregard the people around us – people who may need our help or are even trying to give us an important message. This is the lack of sensitivity and tact that is often associated with Sagittarius. Since today the Sun is forming a conflicting aspect with the North Node in Cancer, we all have this potential caveat ahead. But, what a gift it is to know the challenge ahead of time so we can prepare for it and ensure our success. We can now be on the lookout for moments of insensitivity and self-absorption. We can make the effort to pay attention and listen to others. We can be in service to others by being sensitive to their emotional needs. Today, and every day, life is counter-intuitive. It is actually far more beneficial to us to stay tuned into the needs of others rather than to only be tuned into our own individual endeavors and desires. We always open the door for more when we think about ourselves just a little bit less. 

December 2

Diamond in the Rough

Today is a big day. Jupiter is moving into the sign of Capricorn. This is a significant change because Jupiter resides within each sign for approximately one year. Jupiter is ending its time in its home sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is known as the great benefactor[u1] . It naturally provides the direction and energy needed in order to experience growth, success, and expansion in our lives. With Jupiter in Capricorn, the message is if we want to see fruits this year, if we want to be at the top of our game and achieve any type of success, we need to become serious, dedicated, and show perseverance. The sign of Capricorn is willing to make an effort, work hard, and push through any challenge. Think about the process of producing diamonds. Dark black coal undergoes tremendous pressure, and through that experience, the purest, most beautiful diamond emerges. During any challenge that we might face today, and throughout this year, visualize the diamond. Whatever the obstacle, remember it is only there to help you become the best version of yourself. Challenging experiences are gifts to help us grow, expand, and to achieve real lasting success, success in its purest form that lasts for the long run and not simply for a fleeting moment. 

December 3

Being Seen in Your Best Light

Today, we can win the prize of most popular! With the Mars and Venus sextile, charm and charisma are turned on “high.” This is beneficial for any type of social interaction, romantic interaction, or any business presentation when you need look good, sound good, and be convincing. Passion is another element that can be felt and expressed with today’s positive energy. Take advantage of these cosmic gifts. See how you can light a fire in areas that have lacked passion. Today, the right balance occurs between giving and receiving love. Harmony, love, beauty, and passion fill the air! A gentle flattering cosmic Light shines upon us today. Take advantage of this moment and strike when the iron is hot!

December 4

Finding the Balance

Today, with the Moon in Pisces conjunct with Neptune in Pisces, our intuitive nature is receiving a cosmic boost. The energies of Pisces, Neptune, and the Moon awaken the desire to be of service to others. We feel drawn to help, support, and nurture those in need. The challenge will be to keep that desire in balance. We do not want to open the door for others to be unhealthily dependent upon us. We also need to make sure we do not drain ourselves in our care and service to others. The key is to devote ourselves in a balanced way and not to deplete ourselves of energy and Light which will only prevent us from sharing all together. Finding this balance is vital today. Be there for others, support them, and show love and compassion, just remember to take care of yourself along the way. Can you really love someone else if you do not know how to love yourself? Can you really honor another if you are not honoring yourself? We are all unified. If you can see the needs of another, see your needs, as well. Finding the balance between giving and receiving is always the path to success, fulfillment, and creating an infinite circuitry with the Creator’s Light. 

December 5

Lessons for the Year

With Jupiter joining the pack of planets in the sign of Capricorn, we can expect to learn many lessons during the upcoming year. There is a great deal of energy and planetary power in Capricorn that we will not be able to run away from or ignore. Pluto helps us to transform, Saturn is our great teacher, the South Node reveals our baggage from past lives, Venus deals with our relationships and finances, and Jupiter directs us to growth and opportunities. All of these planets in Capricorn are here to teach us something valuable. Those cosmic giants are not only influential on a personal level, but will also be influencing humanity as a whole and even shaping our history. To boil it all down, this is our advice for the upcoming year: Seek within and be honest about what is no longer working for you. Do not be afraid to make changes. Be open to working hard to achieve results and to reach the top. Be sincere, consistent, and do not give up. Capricorn reveals our highest potential. It is a heavier load to carry but with it come the biggest rewards! Let us all meditate to be aligned with this cosmic energy today. Ask the Creator for the strength, wisdom, and certainty to utilize these forces so they manifest in the best possible way for ourselves, our family and friends, and the world. 

December 6

Learning to Love Without Conditions 

With the combination of the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries today, we need to learn about loving unconditionally. The combination of two fiery signs will entice us to only engage with others if we are the ones who are leading and getting to say the last word. Giving others terms and conditions to our help should not be the way for today. Discover the beauty of being invisible. Experience the relief of not always thinking about your own needs. Fire does not give air, it takes it. On the other hand, fire offers a beautiful Light. It is the needed Light to push us toward taking the lead and being more responsible. Sagittarius and Aries will help us become more assertive and take control. The element of fire is powerful and necessary. We need it to cook and keep warm, but it can burn. Today, allow the power of fire to only reveal its positive attributes. Become a benevolent leader. While you lead and take control, show compassion and unconditional love, you will then experience the great power and blessings of these wonderful signs. 

December 7 - Shabbat Vayetze

Time to Strengthen Our Consciousness

Our spirituality is being challenged with today’s aspect of the Sun and Neptune. According to Kabbalah, we create our own reality. Our consciousness determines how we handle life’s circumstances and even how they manifest. It is our state of minds that ultimately determines how our reality unfolds. A good example would be if two of the best business students from the most prestigious universities graduated with the exact same grades. Both, upon graduating, opened their own businesses. After five years, one was still struggling after having attempted several businesses, while the other was thriving at her first attempt and had become a millionaire. How would you explain that? Yes, it is true that there are many factors to success, such as the environment and our support system. However, according to Kabbalah, our reality all starts and ends with our consciousness. We generate a more positive reality if we can deal with the challenges of life by striving to understand the spiritual significance behind them. Seeing everything as doors to our spiritual growth and benefit is what will separate us from the pack. Without this elevated perspective, challenges can seem like endless, random, and meaningless slaps from the universe, which is not the truth. The Creator gave us this world only for our benefit, growth, and blessing. Everything is from the love of the Creator. Today, there is a danger of forgetting this. We can be inclined to fall into sadness and the illusionary reality. We can easily feel stress and guilt. Let us, instead, remember that whatever we are facing is sent to us for our own good. There is a blessing waiting there for us. We are being given the opportunity for growth and to develop our power. See the challenge for what it is: a path to your greatness. 

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