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Ethical Advice from The Handbook of Epictetus

I. Some things are under our control and some things are not. Focus only on what is under your control.

II. Don't aim or expect to avoid things outside your control.

III. Recognize all the things you possess and be mentally prepared to lose them.

IV. Have a goal to remain tranquil. When things go "wrong" you can still succeed in your goal of remaining tranquil by choosing to do so.

V. It is not things that disturb us, but our judgements about them. When you are disturbed don't blame anyone but yourself.

VI. Don't take pride in things not your own.

VII. Be prepared for emergencies to occur in life.

VIII. Accept what happens.

IX. Your mind is separate to your body. Bodily injuries are not an excuse for poor morals.

X. For every challenge there is a solution, remain calm and decide how best to deal with them as they come.

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December 15

Shaking Things Up

Today, we have a celestial gift that will not appear again until the year 2028! Jupiter, the planet of luck, has a positive aspect with Uranus. Uranus is the planet that encourages us to be different, be unique, and break our routine. Today, the universe is asking us to experience a different point of view and choose a different route. Both Jupiter and Uranus are in earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus, this can reflect to making this change in a materialistic and physical sense. Capricorn and Taurus also point to finances and health. Examine your current financial habits. Take a look at your current health and body care routine. See what your gut is telling you to do differently in these areas. What is your intuition saying that needs changing? Look for actions that you are doing robotically, for years even. Today is the day to break that pattern and shake things up. The chance for success will be found in breaking the mold and awakening new energy. After all, the best way to get the fruit to fall is to give the tree a good shake!

December 16

Don’t Forget Yourself

With today’s challenging aspect between Venus and the Moon, we will want to remind ourselves of our own needs. In life it can be easy to neglect ourselves. The desire to make others happy and care for their needs, our careers, and our obligations all make forgetting about ourselves far too easy. We have needs that must be met just like the next person. Today could potentially be a day where we can fall further into this trap of self-neglect and lack of self-care. However, we are now aware of this tendency and we have the power and wisdom to overcome it. Today, it is recommended you find the time to center yourself and become aware of your needs. Carve into your day, withstanding your obligations and commitments, time to take care of yourself. If there is no time available today, then it is time to cut some things out. If you do not take care of yourself, you will be no good to anyone else. The people in your life are relying on you, and this also means they are relying on you to make sure you are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Self-care is not a luxury but a necessity. If we do not stop every once in a while and give back to ourselves, we might find ourselves drained of our physical resources and even emotionally impoverished as well. Honoring yourself is honoring the Creator within you. There is no shame in that. We are not the Creator but a channel for the Light of the Creator. This Light is designed and created to pass through us on its way to another via our acts of love and sharing. It is designed to nurture us and give us what we need through this process. We must receive if we wish to continually to share, and we must share if we continually wish to receive. 

December 17

A Calculated Risk

The Sun in Sagittarius is awakening the “risk taker” within us. With the Moon moving into the sign of Virgo, the common sense and practical approach is being added to the mix. If you are unsure how to move ahead in life financially, romantically, or in any area because of fear of change or taking a risk, today is your day to take action. If you feel the desire to grow, expand your life, and take a leap into the unknown, today’s balance between the risky nature of the Sagittarian and the calculated approach of the Virgo can help you do it safely. Today, the balanced approach of risk-taking and the ability to take intelligent chances and risks are revealed to us. The fruit is only found out on the limb, let us not be afraid to plan systematically our next great adventure!

December 18

Loving People Exactly How They Are

With today’s beautiful relationship between the Moon and Pluto, we gain a very special ability to be able to love people for exactly who they are and not who we would like them to be. Oftentimes, we choose to befriend or associate with people only because of what we observe on the outside. We are easily swayed by social status, their occupation, what they give to us, or an endless list of what they possess outwardly. However, with today’s support of Pluto and the Moon, we potentially can attract and connect to something deeper. We can see the essence of people and learn to love them for who they truly are and what truly matters. We are more able to connect to the soul of the person and to their heart. We are able to see through all the illusionary masks and false impressions to what is real. Ultimately, this is the way to form lasting and fulfilling relationships. We often allow ourselves to fall in love with what someone gives to us, but if they stop giving to us, then we stop loving them. The “what have you done for me lately?” mentality is more about a business transaction than love. Going beyond what is on the outside and beyond what is in it for me is where true love and our humanity resides. Seeing the beauty of the Light of Creator in someone is the way to open our hearts and authentically love another. 

December 19

Take Your Best Shot

Aim at the target and shoot! Today is a once-a-year trine between Mars and Saturn, the planet of action with the planet of stability and manifestation, respectively. Today the conditions are perfect to take a shot at making something happen in your life. Have you been wanting for a long time to ask someone on a date? Do it today. Have you had your eye on purchasing something but have been waiting for the right time? Do it today. Any conversation that you have been avoiding having? Have it today. The cosmos is pushing us to act. The opening for them to manifest favorably has arrived. The door is open today, you only need to walk through it. They say that 90 percent of life is just about showing up. Do not miss this once-a-year opportunity. Show up and turn your thoughts into reality. 

December 20

Big Love

Today, Venus is moving into the sign of Aquarius and will remain there for a few weeks. Venus is the planet of love and relationships and it’s entering one of the zodiac’s most impersonal signs. Now, already I know the Aquarians who may be reading this will disagree, but allow me to explain further. Aquarius’ love is for the whole, for humanity, and for the group. It is a big love that spreads over many people. Aquarians love people. They love to participate in social activities that bring more love and unity to a global level. This Venus movement is calling us to focus upon group interactions to bring the people of this world together. It can, however, make us slightly tone deaf to personal relationships, intimacy, and romance. But do not try to fight against this energy. It is better to understand it, work with it, and find the love that is there. Yes, Aquarians can fall in love and have deep personal relationships, it is just that the conditions must be right and they must satisfy their innate gift and desire to love large and love humanity in the process. 

December 21 - Shabbat Vayeshev

Welcome, Winter Solstice

Today, the Sun enters into the sign of Capricorn, signifying the winter solstice. From here on, the days starts to get longer and the nights shorter. From a spiritual aspect, it is when things are becoming more visible, more exposed, and more geared toward humanity. Capricorn is the sign that rules the tenth house of the astrological wheel. The tenth house is at the top of the wheel and it represents fulfilling our destiny, achieving our goals, and succeeding in life. The most upper and outer point on the wheel represents commitment, being out in the world, imparting to others, and investing effort into our careers and communal work. Let us flow with the Capricorn energy and set goals and take actions that will take us closer to growth, making the world a better place, and ultimately, closer to the Light of the Creator. Capricorn is our highest potential and this valuable energy will be with us for the next thirty days approximately. Each month of the zodiac is a gift. They each are aspects of the Creator designed to assist us in our spiritual journey. Sailing with the wind each and every month will ensure we reach our spiritual destination. 

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December 8

Give Me a Break

Today is a perfect day for a little break! The challenging aspect of today, between the Sun and Neptune, can result in low energy, confusion, or disappointments. Therefore, it is an ideal day to direct your energy to connecting to the Creator, connecting to your spirit and creative self, resting, meditating, and avoiding high-stress activities. For those of us who have been dealing with great amounts of stress and work, and have been trying to find the right time for a break, do so today. Even if your schedule and obligations do not allow for a full day off, still it is important to carve out some time throughout the day to center yourself, breathe, and slow it down. Do not go full blast all day today. When the cosmos is presenting a challenging aspect, we can learn how to transform it to a supportive and positive opportunity. Ultimately, life is always about love. Love for others and love for yourself. Our inner-self always has the answers. It seems like common sense to slow down and refuel when we feel stressed, tired, or scared, but we do not always listen to common sense. Today, honor yourself, care for yourself, love yourself, and take the break you need.  

December 9

Focusing on the Good

Today will be a breath of fresh air! We welcome fresh and clear energy for our communications with others and for the way we think. After nine long weeks of Mercury being in the sign of Scorpio, Mercury is finally moving into Sagittarius! Mercury in Scorpio directed us to focus on what needed to be changed and to perceive reality in a dramatic and extreme manner. Today, with Sagittarius’ influence, Mercury allows for more positive thinking, with an uplifting and generous way in our communication with others. This is a noticeable and major shift. The focus will be more about the future than on the past. Sagittarius helps us to connect to our vision and we are less attached to the emotional internal processing associated with Scorpio. Our mindset will be much more aligned with the concepts of learning and growing, and these concepts will fuel our communications with others. In speaking, we should always remember the power of our words and to use them for good. We have the power to build or destroy just by using our words. Focusing on what is good and being positive in our thinking, speaking, and actions is almost half the battle. For what we believe is what we will shall see. 

December 10

The Gift of Listening

Becoming a good listener is the most important advice I can pass on to you today. With the Moon in Gemini, a sign that loves to talk, and the Sun in Sagittarius, a sign that thinks it knows everything, we can easily forget that we do not know everything and that other people have something important to contribute. Listening is not just a mechanical, physical action, but rather a spiritual one. It is about being in a space where we are humble enough to understand we cannot possibly know everything and that we need help from others. Ignoring others is just our ego taking control. Spirituality is about paying attention to the messages the Creator is sending to us. Spirituality is caring about what others have to say. It is about being open to someone else’s opinion and allowing them the freedom and human dignity to feel, think, and believe whatever they do, and it is just as valid as what you may feel, think, and believe. Spirituality is loving people so they know we are there to hear them and validate them. This type of spiritual listening is our focus today. If we raise our hearts and lower our egos, we can learn to authentically hear, and when we do, we will hear things we have never heard before. Being open to others and the messages around is not only about learning to love and respect others, but it is also about receiving the messages and guidance we need in our lives. Let us not close our minds, but rather open our hearts and ears to the gifts just waiting for us. 

December 11

Making a Final Decision

The full moon brings the energy and support for completion and resolution. Since our full moon is in the sign of Gemini, we are encouraged to make a final decision. Think of a decision you have been debating over, which probably is mired with doubts that have preventing you from taking steps in one direction or another. Today, meditate to connect to the cosmic support of completion and clarity. Ask the Creator to help you see the answer and make that final decision. The Moon has a challenging aspect to the planet Neptune, so we want to be aware of the potential to feel like a victim. Other people are not responsible for our stagnation. We are not beholden to others to make our choices for us. What is important to remember about making decisions is to be certain in what you decide. Certainty will ensure a positive outcome no matter what you choose. It is always less about the physical and more about our consciousness. The Creator knows what is in our hearts and that we are trying to do our very best.   

December 12


Venus and Pluto are in conjunction today. Pluto empowers everything it touches, however, it oftentimes culminates to a point of extreme expression. Because Venus is the planet of love and relationships, the potential for love and a deep connection is within our reach. Pluto represents extreme transformation. So, when Pluto is joining Venus, we will have to remember that transformation sometimes comes with pain, and this can translate into emotional pain and difficult matters of the heart. Since both planets are in the sign of Capricorn, this effect can come across in our careers or place of work, manifesting in a fortifying manner. It can lead to a position of great influence within your organization. Wherever you experience this energy today, channel it as a positive source of power. We have many kinds of relationships, they are not only romantic. We have relationships on every level with every person with whom we come in contact. Prepare for a surge of energy and welcome it in by remembering that change can be uncomfortable, but also see beyond that. Instead, focus upon the goal and the blessings of the final result that await you.

December 13

Attention Spiritual Seekers: It Is Our Day!

With Mars’ and Neptune’s beautiful aspect, we have amazing support on our spiritual quest. Being spiritual does not necessarily mean you sit, pray, study, and meditate all day long. Being spiritual is applying spirit to everything we do, no matter how mundane it may be. It is about applying the consciousness of the spirit during every challenge and interaction we have with others, every day. One of the most important elements of being a spiritual person is being able to see the lesson and purpose in all we experience. Spirituality is the practice of seeing the spirit and what is good in everyone and every challenge - whatever is presented to us. Today, we have the cosmic support to understand beyond the five senses and grasp spiritual lessons, that is if we are willing to look for them. Take advantage of this cosmic opening today by proactively looking to see and understand the deeper meaning to your interactions, your challenges, and ultimately, to your life as a whole.

December 14 - Shabbat Vayishlach

Finding Your Hidden Treasure

With two positive celestial aspects occurring today there is definitely a hidden treasure waiting for all of us. The favorable connection with Mars to Neptune and Jupiter to Uranus sends blessings throughout the universe. I recommend that everyone do everything in your power to find the blessing and hidden treasure today. One of the ways to discover how positive cosmic influences can benefit you is by examining your birth chart and current planetary setting with a kabbalistic astrologer. In your meeting, you and your astrologer can discover where your treasure and fortune is hiding, along with how to specifically use the cosmic influences to help you move forward with your unique life’s purpose. If you have never met with a kabbalistic astrologer before to reveal the secrets in your birth and current charts, or if it has been several months since your last meeting, allow today’s positive energy to inspire you to want to learn more.

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