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Weekly Horoscope

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

November 17

Determination and Focus

For the last few days of the sun being in the sign of Scorpio, we should take advantage of the sign’s positive qualities while we still can. Scorpio offers us the incredible power and ability to stick to a goal, without permitting any obstacle to divert us from our path. The scorpion’s ability to focus like a laser and carry through with strength is one of a kind. Choose one of your goals today and ask for the power of focus and determination. See yourself surmounting any foreseeable obstacle along the way. See yourself as powerful and fearless. See yourself as having complete certainty and impervious to negative forces that may try to stop you from achieving your goal. The strength and power of the Scorpion is almost unmatched. Today, call forth your inner scorpion to make anything happen!

November 18

A Double Dose of Power

Mars enters Scorpio today. With Mars in Scorpio during the month of Scorpio, we must be warned of aggressive impulses. For those of us who see themselves as calm, patient, and tranquil people, this double Scorpion energy can potentially manifest in internal turmoil that can lead to passive aggressiveness. Be aware of this double dose of Scorpio as it is influencing us until January 3rd. Mars in Scorpio can be a great push to help us act upon our deepest and truest desires. It is in the fight for what is real and true we are best taking advantage of this cosmic window and softening its intensity. Avoid conflicts and direct this fiery energy towards others, especially when you do not agree with them. Scorpio is all about power and having a double dose of it requires extra caution and concern. Focus upon what is true, noble, and what really is in your heart. Once you are clear on your desire to love more and be a better channel for goodness in this world, use this power now, up until January 3rd, to make it happen!

November 19

The Desire to Be at the Top

The Moon has been in the sign of Leo for the last two days. This, together with Mars entering into Scorpio, creates the desire to be at the top of life and be the very best. Notably, Mars is not the only planet in Scorpio; it is joining Mercury and the Sun. This cosmic influence awakens and strengthens our power and desire! Be aware of potential drawbacks, however. Watch for arrogance, the need to control, and becoming overly ambition. When ambition is balanced, it is a positive attribute. The desire to advance, climb, achieve, and receive more is a positive desire. The danger that comes with desire is that our egos can blow up out of control. Seeing people as mere stepping stones to reach our destination, being fueled by having things when others do not, competing with others, and needing respect and recognition are all ways the ego can putrefy our healthy ambition. It is fascinating to know that a strong and big desire is actually a vital ingredient in our spiritual journey. If we do not want to be closer to the Creator, help others, discover our souls, or generate Light, then we will not work towards spirituality. The desire to become more than who we currently are and build our connection to the Light is the spiritual path. The desire to heal and improve our lives must be present or we cannot eliminate our personal and global chaos. Therefore, desiring and wanting the best is one of the most critical qualities to develop. However, we need to keep our desire focused upon the Light, and not for negativity. While we continue on our spiritual path, we want to keep detached from the shadow aspects of the ego. Be sure that our desire is linked to helping others, unity, love, and creation, not merely to satisfy our own needs. Being on the top of life means you have become a channel for all that is good in this world. Success is not about how much we can make, but rather about the kind of person we can become. 

November 20

Mercury Is Turning Direct Again!

The veils of confusion and fog are being lifted with Mercury turning direct again. Retrograde is finally over! Mercury turning direct is good for communications and interactions of all kinds. Direct Mercury also helps us to think clearly and it helps to removes our doubts and confusion. If you were experiencing any challenges in electronics, having any technical issues, or unable to get the deal done, now is the time these obstacles will potentially fall by the wayside. With the wind at our backs, we are able to journey all the more quickly and pleasantly. With Mercury direct, we find the waters calm and smoother sailing ahead. 

November 21

Get Ready for High Speed

If you experienced delays in the past months, such as certain projects getting stuck or not receiving the answers that you need, get ready to be freed from these obstacles. Prepare yourself for high speed resolution and movement! With Mercury direct, prepare to move forward quickly and efficiently. Like running in a marathon, we want to be trained and ready at the starting point. We need to be ready with energy and motivation for the entire run. In the same way, we want to be prepared for what is occurring cosmically. As soon as the energy is clearing up and the path is ready, the universe fires the gun and tells us to run! Now is the time to know you have strength and opportunity to change. The universe is in full support of you. Your blessings and goals are finally in reach. All you need is the motivation and desire to make things happen. Get ready, get set, and speed forward to your next level and achievement! 

November 22 - Rav Avraham Azulai

The Blessing of Longevity

Today is a very powerful day on the kabbalistic calendar. It is the day of elevation for one of history’s great spiritual giants: Rav Avraham Azulai. On a righteous soul’s day of elevation, we have the gift to be more able to tap into their unique spiritual power and even ask for their individual spiritual assistance. The blessing of Rav Avraham Azulai is immortality. Immortality can be a difficult concept to grasp. What does it mean to be immortal? What does that look like for us? We can better understand the concept of immortality by thinking of it as longevity. Longevity is something everyone wants in every positive area of life. We work hard to keep what is good. Rav Azulai and the gift of immortality can bring life to those areas we feel have lost that special spark or they are simply not what they use to be. This energy can also strengthen what is already developing and growing. In addition, today, the Sun is moving into the sign of Sagittarius. This movement give us extra support in experiencing this taste of immortality and the blessings Rav Avraham Azulai is offering. Joy, optimism, purpose, and spiritual wisdom are being activated today in the universe. Let us take the time to acknowledge them, appreciate them, and tap into them!

November 23 - Shabbat Chayei Sarah

A Lucky Star Watches Over Us

Today, we have a powerful connection between Venus and Jupiter. Both are in Sagittarius and both are adjacent. Venus and Jupiter offer blessings and good luck, all the more so when they reside in positive and expansive Sagittarius. This cosmic jackpot also assists us in our relationships, especially with our teachers and students. We gain the capacity to exchange energy in a meaningful and spiritual manner. We are easily able to learn, process, and apply wisdom from our mentors, and simultaneously, bestow wisdom of our own to those who look to us for support. Additionally, this cosmic connection can embolden our finances and expand any opportunity that may come our way. Jupiter, known as “the great beneficiary,” is touching the planets of love and money; this can potentially allow tremendous and unexpected growth and expansion beyond any limit. The sky is the only limit today, and in it resides a lucky star that is shining happily upon us. 

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