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Weekly Astrology

November 27

Waking Up from the Dream

Neptune is finally leaving retrograde after being so since last June. Neptune is the planet of dreams, of the unseen world, and the spiritual unlimited reality. Neptune also channels our creativity. When Neptune is in retrograde, things are brewing on the inside, like falling into a deep sleep. These last few months were the time to develop and connect to our vision, insights, and dreams. Now that Neptune moves direct, it is the time to wake up and begin to act! Everything that was concealed is now ready to be manifested with Neptune’s forward direction. Today, take a step towards planning and manifesting your dreams. Start to plant the seeds of your desired reality. Before anything manifests, we must first see it in our minds. The mind is the beginning of everything in this world. We need only to believe it, and then we shall see it. 

November 28 – New Moon of Sagittarius (Thanksgiving Day, USA)

Appreciation Is Joy

Today, in America, the holiday of Thanksgiving is celebrated. This is a beautiful day of focusing upon appreciation. Luckily, it does not matter what country around the world you are in, as today’s unique cosmic energy can still support you in cultivating appreciation. We learn in Kabbalah that appreciation is the vessel that contains the Light and blessings of our lives. Think about it, we enjoy the things the most that we acknowledge and appreciate. Humility and gratitude foster joy. The more we can learn to appreciate the people in our life, the situations we find ourselves in, and ourselves in general, the more Light that we will experience from those things. Today, with Mercury and Neptune aligning beautifully, we are receiving the aid to be increasingly sensitive to our environment, which includes the opinions of others. This alignment will awaken and amplify our inspiration and what we can acknowledge. Let us be a source of inspiration for others and let us appreciate the people who inspire us and every blessing we are able to see around us. Becoming aware of our blessings, awakening our inspiration, and fostering a true sense of appreciation, will take us a few more steps closer to authentic joy and ultimately closer to the Light force of the Creator.

November 29 - New Moon of Sagittarius

This Month’s Mission

Today, we celebrate the beginning of the month of Sagittarius in the Kabbalistic Calendar. The sign of Sagittarius is full of spiritual Light and contains an abundance of energy. Those born under this sign strive to grow, evolve, and get closer to their truth and purpose. They are very courageous and have a strong belief of the Light of the Creator within them, regardless of what challenge they may face. Fortunately, we all can connect to these qualities this month, regardless of our personal birth sign. So far, this month sounds heavenly, but what is the spiritual work that is required from us in the month of Sagittarius? What do we need to overcome? To help answer these questions, here is Rav Berg’s advice from his book, Kabbalistic Astrology: “For the Sagittarian there is always a ‘happy ending.’ The influence of Jupiter convinces them that everything will be fine in the end. While Kabbalah teaches us that this is ultimately true, Sagittarians must not allow their optimism to become complacency and smugness. They cannot simply depend on the planetary influence to pull them through their correction. Everyone has work to do.” While this month may be the luckiest and most positive month of the year, let us not rest on our laurels. We do not have angel wings just yet. Life’s most urgent questions are, “Who can I help?” “Who can I serve?” “With whom can I share some of my abundance?” If you have been blessed with a little sunshine, always remember to spread it around to those who may be experiencing a cloudy day. 

November 30 - Shabbat Toldot


The Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius today, and together with the Sun in Sagittarius, we have a winning combination to help us achieve independence in our lives. Take the time, today, to reflect upon the areas of life in which you are simply too needy and dependent. Maybe you wait for approval, confirmation, or permission from others before taking a step forward? Maybe you wait for circumstances to change before following your gut and taking a stand? Maybe you simply do not believe that you, yourself, can create your own reality and ideal life? Today, ask yourself, “What are my limiting belief systems?” Ask yourself, “Where do I desire more freedom?” “How can I move closer to independence?” Fear is reactivity and it is the root of dependency and stagnation. Our solution is certainty in ourselves and the Light of the Creator, which is always with us. Certainty is a proactive consciousness that opens the doors to change and allows us to connect to our heart’s calling. Certainty gives way to freedom and true independence. Connect to the power of the Creator within yourself and you will be able to connect to a life of your dreams, free from fear. 

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