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Astrology May 9 - May 11 2019

May 9

Hope in the Midst of Difficulty

Today, Venus offers us two very interesting and very different celestial influences. Venus and Pluto send to us a challenge, while Venus with Jupiter provides a beacon of hope on the horizon. These combinations can be very powerful for our spiritual journey, especially in our relationships. There is a difficulty and solution existing simultaneously, both reachable at the same time. Deep wounds, hurts, and conflicts might surface today between us and our loved ones. It might feel challenging and heavy, but, at the same time, remember hopeful Jupiter is involved. The potential is there to see the positive side of our difficulties, and to see the path to alleviate the pain and find a resolution. Hold on today, do not allow any challenge to take you over completely. Strive to find the string of hope and look for the silver lining. There is a greater lesson and a greater guidance the universe is trying to show you. Behind every storm exists the light of the sun, and so, too, within each challenge exists a blessing created from love just for you.

May 10

Unchangeable Melody

One of the hardest actions for a Taurus is change. We are in the month of Taurus in the kabbalistic calendar, additionally the planet Mercury is also in the sign of Taurus. The idea of change could be difficult for many of us now, even more so after we have already decided and made a choice. Today, let us ask the Light force of the Creator to reveal to us any area in our lives that we might be too stubborn to change. Where is change required? What decisions need consideration? What opportunities are we completely ignoring simply because we are afraid of change and being uncomfortable? Today, be open to change. Reevaluate wherever you may feel stagnant and progress is lacking. If we want to grow and progress, we must change. Life is a paradox. When we seek only comfort in life and bury our heads into the sand, we eventually add more stress and unnecessary challenges to our lives. However, when we are willing to embrace a little change each and every day, we ultimately create a life rich with peace, comfort, and the fulfillment we seek.

May 11 - Shabbat Emor

Keeping Your Feet on the Ground

After a hectic week that was full of planetary ups and downs, today presents balance and stability. The Sun and Saturn trine supports us with such stability, strength, and calmness. Supplementing this today is the energy of Shabbat which is the seventh day of the week and the manifestation of our spiritual work throughout the previous week. It is the day that our potential blessings are drawn into physical reality and they achieve fruition. Shabbat is a day of peace, inner calm, and stability. When we take the time each week on Shabbat, even for five minutes, to reflect upon our lives and strive to connect with our Creator, we build a life founded in peace and blessings.

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