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Practical Stoicism

Ethical Advice from The Handbook of Epictetus

I. Some things are under our control and some things are not. Focus only on what is under your control.

II. Don't aim or expect to avoid things outside your control.

III. Recognize all the things you possess and be mentally prepared to lose them.

IV. Have a goal to remain tranquil. When things go "wrong" you can still succeed in your goal of remaining tranquil by choosing to do so.

V. It is not things that disturb us, but our judgements about them. When you are disturbed don't blame anyone but yourself.

VI. Don't take pride in things not your own.

VII. Be prepared for emergencies to occur in life.

VIII. Accept what happens.

IX. Your mind is separate to your body. Bodily injuries are not an excuse for poor morals.

X. For every challenge there is a solution, remain calm and decide how best to deal with them as they come.

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