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Astrology : July 9 - July 13 2019

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

July 9

Less Is More

Today’s annual opposition between the Sun and Saturn can potentially be a point of low energy. The most important approach will be to remember that less is actually more. Today, there is a sense of boundaries and limitations. If we try to push too hard against what is blocking us, we might experience conflicts, disappointments, and frustrations. This is highlighted with any figures of authority. Saturn is a planet that is designed to push our buttons. It exposes our challenges and obstacles. Nothing comes easy when Saturn is involved. Since the aspect today is more on the challenging side, we do not want to push against this force, or even push to pursue any progress on any level. There is a time and a season for everything in this world. We always need to understand there is a larger picture that we cannot always see. It is important to do our best, but not be set on a particular outcome. We may think we know what is best, but the Creator knows even better. 

July 10


So far, it has been a cosmically difficult week. With today’s trine between the Sun and Neptune, there is potential for an emotional relief! Both planets are in water signs, and this beautiful connection between them is allowing us to connect to our emotions in a positive sense. Understanding what we feel and allowing our intuition and deep emotions to guide us is within our reach today. If we want to tap into this cosmic positive influence today, make sure to take some alone time and meditate. Ask the universe for support and welcome any emotional reaction. Be open and flow with where your internal world is directing you. You can gain great clarity and strength from connecting to your emotions today. Inside each of us, is a spark of the Creator. It contains the Light force where all wisdom, understanding, and the power of creation resides. Inside, we do have all the answers, we just need to be open to hearing them. 

July 11


Today’s aspect between Mars and Uranus is signaling to us the need to apply restriction in all areas of our lives. The combination of these particular planets in this particularly challenging aspect can potentially be quite dangerous if we do not handle it correctly. The energy of the rebel planet Uranus creates shake-ups and unexpected changes. It joins together with Mars, the planet of wars. Mars has a strong desire to receive for the self alone and a competitive energy. Today, think twice, actually three times, before reacting to any upsetting situation. Take the time you need to chill out, relax, and balance yourself before speaking up, reacting, or acting in anyway. Uranus is in Taurus and it corresponds to our materialistic world. Be aware to not react to any unexpected changes that affect your finances or material possessions. A balance of head and heart must always be maintained in our lives. Thinking before we act allows for wisdom, and the Light, to be a part of our lives and decisions.

July 12


The moon is moving into Sagittarius today, and trine with Mercury in Leo. The moon represents our internal and subconscious world, while Mercury connects to our mind. When both planets are aligned with a supportive aspect, such as today, we have a greater ability to connect to people in a more personal and meaningful way. Today, spend meaningful time with a friend, relative, life partner, or anyone who you cherish. It is an ideal opportunity to open up, engage in meaningful conversations, explore each other, and have fun together in any bonding activity.

“If you look closely at your happiest moments, you can be sure that there was someone there to enjoy them with you. That’s why we are here --- to share the joy and Light with one another.” ~ Karen Berg, Simple Light

July 13 - Shabbat Balak

Building a Strong Inner Foundation

With the south node in Capricorn and north node in Cancer this year, we all need a reminder of one of the most important spiritual missions of this year. The south and north node represent our karma, which Kabbalah calls Tikkun. Our Tikkun is our purpose and mission for coming to this world. Let us focus today on the message for this year’s karma/Tikkun:

In your journey to achieve your goals and climb to your next achievement, do not forget who you most authentically are. As you focus on external goals, simultaneously, build a strong inner foundation, as well. Nurture and develop yourself. True progress and true achievement will only come when you feel truly safe and confident, within yourself. When you really know who you are, and you have developed strength on the inside, there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

For example, if you do not receive the promotion at work you had hoped for, the best response this year is not to work even harder with tunnel vision and determination. This will only prevent you from paying attention to areas that need your attention, like other people and especially yourself. The solution is to take time off, spend time with your family, and take better care of yourself. The paradox is that when we nurture and develop our inner worlds, the outer world will manifest automatically. Consciousness is everything. Mind over matter means that the energy behind things is the actual driving force in our world.

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