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Your Daily Astrology

July 21

The Illusion of Emotions

Today, we have an opposition of Venus and Pluto. Adding to this, we have many planets in the emotional sign of Cancer: the Sun, Mars, and Venus. Taking all of this into account, we have to be cautious in becoming overly sensitive and emotional in our reactions. This will not be an ideal day to listen to our emotions and act upon them. Avoid taking risks and making major decisions based solely on how we may feel. There is a potential for intense emotions in the form of jealousies, disappointments, or crises. If you feel today that negative emotions are beginning to arise, remember today’s cosmic challenge. Do not allow emotions to control and maneuver your thoughts, decisions, and actions. Wait for a time when the cosmos can support you with clarity, balance, and less sensitivity. Our emotions can lead us into thinking and feeling too much about ourselves, and if we are only thinking about ourselves, we are unable to see what truly the best thing is.

July 22

Emotional Reactor

With the moon entering into Aries and the Sun being in Cancer, we want to watch our reactive system for the next upcoming two days. The Moon represents our emotional system and it is entering one of the most reactive signs. We might find ourselves feeling things strongly with the fire of Aries in play. We have to be careful not to jump to conclusions and be overly reactive to what is upsetting or exciting us. Since we are in the month of Cancer, when the level of sensitivity is already at a high point, we want to be attentive to not allow our negative emotions to dictate our lives, causing us to react in negative ways. Today, we want to stay on high alert for our emotional reactor within. Reactivity is incongruent with the proactive and sharing force of the Creator. Reactivity only serves to darken our world, removing spiritual Light. Kabbalists take advantage of the Proactive Formula in order to connect to the Creator, positivity, and blessings. You can, as well. Give it a try, today, when you feel yourself becoming overly heated.

The Proactive Formula:

An obstacle occurs. I recognize that the obstacle is from the Light.I realize that my reaction, and not the obstacle, is the real enemy.I practice restriction, shutting down my reactive system (not my feelings) to let the Light in.I’m then ready to express my proactive nature, asking the Light to come in and show me what that is.

July 23

Enjoy Life

The Sun is entering into the sign of Leo, which is its home sign. This brings a powerful and positive connection. The Sun is the source of our essential physical light. It represents livelihood, joy, and our spiritual Light of the Creator. The sign of Leo is here to help us enjoy life to the fullest. It gives us the power of creation and expression. Today, take the time to enjoy your life! Now is the time to awaken joy and happiness. Count your blessings. Connect to all that you currently have and currently do in a much more present, joyful, and appreciative way. The sign of Leo is also very much connected to the younger generation. If you have children, invest in your relationship with them today. Enjoy them and let them enjoy you. Life is a precious gift. To not enjoy it is a waste. Enjoying life not only makes you and those around you happy, but it makes the Creator happy, as well. 

July 24

Charmed One

Today is one of those days when the wind is at your back and you are presented in the most favorable of light. You are able to easily make a good impression and everyone can potentially succumb to your charm. Mercury and Venus are right next to each other and this allows us to connect to our inner gifts and most favorable traits. Allow them to shine through you today! It is an optimal day to give speeches, speak your mind, and present your ideas to the world. If you are in the creative field, show your work, perform, publish, or do any action that will allow the world to see and connect with you. You have been made in the image of the Creator. You are holy and the world needs your energy. Do not shrink from who you are, what you are capable of, and what you came to this world to do.

July 25


Today’s cosmic aspect between Mars and Jupiter is like hitting the jackpot! Mars is a planet that influences our desire and pushes us to take action. When Jupiter is favorably involved, with any planet, there is a far greater chance for success and a positive outcome. Today is a great day to take actions and move forward in manifesting your desires. The connection between Mars and Jupiter creates harmony between our physical and mental capabilities. It is a good day to endure and do everything in your spiritual and physical power to reach your goals. If you need to stay up late, work longer, and go further, today the physical strength needed awaits you. The cosmos is in abundance and it is full of supportive energy. We bring to the world, and our lives, blessings and joy when we activate the power to create that lies within us all. 

July 26

Know Your Self-Worth

There are many ways in which we can strike the balance of serving others and ourselves, simultaneously. Today, we can find this balance. Be careful in looking to others for approval or assurance of your competence. Remove any creeping feeling of guilt. Guilt is largely an emotional reaction and is negative. With the challenging aspect between the Moon and Jupiter today, we all will be inclined to think less of ourselves. We may think that everyone is more competent than us. Start your day with positive affirmations. Then throughout the day, make sure to take meditation breaks. In them, close your eyes and visualize a beam of bright white light shining through your heart, through your local community, and throughout the entire world. Inside you lies the Creator. You are something great and are divine in your essence. Never forget how special and capable you are. To diminish yourself is to diminish the Creator and all His creations. Be in awe of this world, the Creator, and of yourself.

July 27 - Shabbat Matot

Excitement and Joy

The planet of love and pleasures is moving into the sign that knows exactly how to love and enjoy, as well. Venus is moving into Leo, and it can help us ignite more fire and excitement in our romances for the upcoming few weeks. One thing that we should be cautious of and avoid is the drama that Leo can bring. We want to allow love, passion, and excitement to enter our lives, but not the drama! Beware of explosions and acting out of proportion in regards to your loved ones. The mighty lion of Leo brings energy, fire, and passion, but it also knows how to roar the loudest in the jungle. Remember to stay calm and simply enjoy life.

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