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Weekly Astrology

September 8

Eyes on the Prize

Today is a day to watch that we do not spread ourselves too thin. Be cautious of overstepping your boundaries which often leads to mistakes. Jupiter is in position to challenge the Sun and Mars. We might feel the desire to be everywhere at once and overestimate our abilities. Fortunately, Mars is forming a positive aspect with Saturn. This encourages us to focus upon our goals, without allowing any turmoil or conflict to affect us. It also creates the potential to manifest successfully any project at hand. Mars is the planet of war, and we can use this power in a positive way by fighting against our own inner fears, lethargy, and doubts. The warrior can emerge from us, not to fight in the external world, but to fight and conquer any darkness that lies within ourselves. 

September 9

Conviction With An Open Mind

Today, we have eight planets in earth signs. Considering there are only 10 planets in total, this adds up to a lot of earth energy! Wow! Earth, the element of manifestation and determination, is certainly on the map. We are gifted with the energy to move forward, plan, persevere, and manifest without folding to any challenge or obstacle. However, this strong earthy influence can pose problematic when the universe is guiding us to change directions and be more open to alternative ideas and opinions. We want to magnify the positive earth effects, today, and avoid being unchangeable, cold, and insensitive to our environment. Especially now, we want to keep our eyes and ears open to messages, while we walk in confidence and assuredness. The very message we need to help us change for the better and adopt a new reality could come to us, today. We would not want to miss this gift because we think we already know everything. As soon as we think we know it all, we shut off the Light of the Creator in our lives. Only when we remember how little we know, are we able to constantly draw Light and continue to learn. 

September 10

Above the Clouds

Today, a once a year opposition between the Sun and Neptune is occurring. When two planets are aligned directly opposite each other, there is a power struggle and conflict between their two types of energies. The Sun, which represents our essence, soul, inner Light, and confidence, is struggling with Neptune and its energy of self-doubt, confusion, and illusion. Today, you might feel spiritually foggy. We might struggle to find a clear direction and begin to doubt our abilities and desires. On days like these, it is important to endure and work on gaining as much certainty and awareness of our inner Light as possible. Challenges and doubts are only in our lives to give us the opportunity to become stronger and persevere. Real clarity and strength are gained only in times of doubt and confusion. Just as a flame of a candle can be only be seen with the existence of darkness, our spiritual Light needs challenges in order to shine. Life’s obstacles are gifts from the Creator to help us grow, be fulfilled, manifest our truest potential, and shine our Light high above the clouds.

September 11

See the Forest and See the Trees

Today poses a bit of a challenge as the Sun is in the sign of Virgo, while the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius. We will need to strike the balance between these two opposite and different signs. Aquarius impels us to think big, go outside of the box, and find answers on a grander scale. Virgo asks us to look within, be mindful of every detail, and to seek perfection. The secret to success, today, is really using both approaches and achieving harmony between these two signs and their points of view. If you face a challenge, channel both the Virgo and the Aquarian. Look for solutions with the “big picture” approach and the “attention to details” approach. To help channel the Aquarian, ask yourself: Why is it in my life? What is a possible message? How can I act more like the Creator in this situation? How can others, as well, benefit from the solution? Meditate upon these questions while keeping in mind the “fine print.” Consider the steps that led up to the challenge. Analyze the path that brought you to this difficulty and see where the misstep occurred or what needs fixing or changing. When we have an unbalanced astrological influence, we can be quite lopsided. Today is actually a great blessing to have the influence of both ends of the spectrum. This creates balance in our thinking and in our actions. Balance allows us to unite duality and shows us the path to peace, prosperity, and harmony.  

September 12

O.K., I Admit It. I Don’t Know Everything!

Self-confidence is important and valuable in any action that we take in life, especially when it has to do with our spiritual growth and transformation. Real confidence is found in knowing the Creator is always with us and directing us. Being open to learning and open to what the universe is trying to teach us is a quality of many successful people. With today’s square of Mars and Jupiter, we might feel that we have all the answers. Since this aspect is more on the challenging side, we should beware of the “know it all” syndrome! This aspect can be a bit risky as we might choose to act in ways that are completely out of bounds and even out of control. Mars is awakening aggressive energy and it is mixing with Jupiter’s self-righteousness. To combat this, take the time today to be more attentive, listen to others, and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. If any conflict arises, make sure to stay away from reactive behavior. Even if you feel that you know better and are eager to make a response, restrict and ask the Light to guide you. Remind yourself that, after all, you do not have all the answers to life. Our vision is very limited. We cannot see the larger picture and what the Creator has in store for us. Oftentimes, news that at first seems like the very worst, in the end, becomes a blessing you did not even know you wanted. 

September 13

Developing Super Power

Today offers us a gift with a challenge. With a full moon in Pisces, and the Sun and Neptune in opposition, the element of confusion with illusions can be strong. Even though usually the time of a full moon allows us to see more clearly and manifest positive things in our lives, this full moon is challenging, because Pisces and Neptune create for us smoke and mirrors. Since today there is the positive trine between the Sun and Pluto, we are directed to seek within in order to access our inner gifts, talents, and powers. This aspect is very supportive of a true spiritual awakening. At first, it might seem a bit unclear on how to move forward in life, but if you take the time to look inside yourself and connect to your true potential and desires, blessings will meet you. Today, the gift is found in the internal process and self-realization. It has been said that a life not analyzed is a life not worth living. We awaken, today, to the value of going within to discover our spirits, who we truly are, and what we came to this world to do. 

September 14 - Shabbat Ki Tetze

Finding Common Ground

Today, Mercury and Venus are both in the sign of Libra. This brings an infusion of energy that can help us become better diplomats and peace makers. When Venus enters its home sign of Libra, it fosters a desire to be more considerate of others and more fair, overall. This creates an ideal time to develop or mend our partnerships, especially in business matters. Because Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in Libra, it generally is a good time to sign contracts and enhance our communication with our significant other. In order to find your personal best cosmic timing to sign a contract or make a major step, it is always recommended to consult with a kabbalistic astrologer who can examine the cosmic openings in relation to your own personal birth chart. The stars are the interface that our karma plays out. Understanding our personal star placement gives us an advantage in life and guides us to success and fulfillment.  

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