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Weekly Astrology: Sept 4-7th 2019

September 4

Waking from a Dream

With Venus opposite Neptune today, the possible struggle will be in our perception of reality, especially in the areas of love and finance. Today, the Virgo energy of this month will help us to stay grounded and look at the facts. The Virgo influence will help us to be more sensible, logical, and practical in our approach. Neptune is awakening a state of fantasy and illusion that can affect the way see reality. It can affect us in a positive way, when properly aligned, with love, spirituality, and depth of emotions. However, since Neptune is struggling energetically with Venus today, its energy of the abstract and metaphysical can lead us to be unrealistic and even delusional. The beauty of Virgo is that it is able to see reality. It can see who and what need our help. Virgo is considered to be the closest sign to the energy of the Creator. It is a sign of service and humility, and it desires to flow with the energy of sharing and giving. It is its care for people and its gift to see who needs our help that make this month truly special.  

September 5

Strength, Stability, and Success

With Mercury in Virgo and trine with Saturn in Capricorn, we receive an abundance of gifts from the universe today. There is a very strong combination of earth elements that can awaken in us persistence and perseverance which often lead to success. Routine, structure, and stability in your life are necessary today, in order to allow this cosmic opening to do its magic. Today is ideal to be reliable, be punctual, and to decide on important life matters. If you can, find the time to chat with your elders for advice, and if you are older, consider being a mentor or guide yourself for someone in need. The tallest of trees are only able to grow with a consistently strong foundation. Oftentimes, those who are successful at accomplishing their goals are not the most intelligent or the most talented, but those who have the most desire and continue to persevere. 

September 6

The Great Reveal

When Pluto is aligned in a positive manner with another planet, it brings the energy of rebirth and the revelation of truth and deeper meanings. With today’s trine of Venus and Pluto, look forward to the potential to remove blockages, reveal secrets, and cleanse any negativity in your relationships. Today, you can also develop a clearer and deeper understanding about your partner and yourself. Also, this trine can positively affect our finances. Look for situations to unfold in a way that will allow you to see more of the truth. These revelations will give you the opportunity to act wisely, generating welcomed results. The source behind all things is consciousness. Until we are willing to go beyond what we see and into the realm of thought and energy, we will not be successful in solving the problems in our world. Going beyond the five senses and delving into the world of consciousness is the path of spirituality and offers our best chance in achieving and materializing our dreams. 

September 7 - Shabbat Shoftim

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Being truthful will be our spiritual effort for today. There is a challenging aspect between Mercury and Neptune that can lead us into lying, misunderstanding, and confusion. Let’s proactively take the time to look deep within to see where we may be living a lie. Today, we want to be very honest with ourselves. Lying does not always have to reflect malice. We can lie to ourselves for years if we are not aligned with what we know is spiritually correct for ourselves. Today, take the time for a reality check about yourself. Also, be cognizant that you are not lying for others, as well. Even if lying will make you look better or help delay a confrontation, today it is recommended to avoid lying completely. They say that the truth shall set us free. Often, we feel we need lies in order to maintain an illusion that we have become dependent upon. Yet, when we lie to others, we are really lying to ourselves. Admitting to the truth can be frightening, but it can also be a great relief. When we choose the truth, we choose freedom; we choose to live authentically and allow ourselves the permission to be exactly who we truly are. 

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