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Weekly Astrology: July 1 - July 6

July 1

High Energy

With today’s Mars movement into the sign of Leo, there is double the fire available for the next six weeks! This powerful combination can bring more Light and energy into our lives. This energizing combination should be utilized in the areas where excitement and determination are lacking. Take time, today, and think of one area in your life that might be a little stuck. Where in your life do you desire to possess more “fire”, passion, and determination? Utilize this cosmic movement and take the first steps to bring this energy there. One of the negative implications of this transit, however, is a desire to be the center of attention. Power sometimes can tempt us to leave the more spiritual and humble path. Let us all utilize this cosmic influence to desire to be more connected to the Light so we can have everything, not only desire things of the physical world. When we connect to the Light via spirituality, we not only have spiritual treasures, but the physical ones, as well.  

July 2

The Light Is Always Here

As we arrive closer to the month of Cancer, our next month, we experience, today, a total solar eclipse. This is when the position of the Moon is covering the light of the Sun from our perspective here on Earth. This cosmic event sends us all an important spiritual lesson. There are times in life when it seems that the Light of the Creator is not shining and simply does not exist. However, the Light always exists, we might just be in a place and time that we cannot see or experience it. Today is a day to remember that the Light is always here. The sun is always shining behind the clouds of any storm. The Light is there especially in those areas where we feel total darkness, doubt, and negativity. There is actually more Light in those areas! When the Light is being concealed, it is our job to strengthen our certainty in it and never give up on it. Persevere and keep moving forward towards the Light at the end of the tunnel, I promise you, it is there, shining bright. It will soon be revealed to give you the clarity, answers, and joy that you have been striving for.  

July 3 - New Moon of Cancer at Night

Balancing Male and Female Energies

Today, the planet Venus is moving into the sign of Cancer, while the planet Mars recently moved into the sign of Leo. Both movements awaken the energy of love, compassion, and warmth. Another interesting element of this movement is that the signs and the planets represent the ultimate of male and female energies: Venus in Cancer, the feminine, and Mars in Leo, the masculine. Kabbalistically speaking, male and female energies do not only represent the literal meaning of the words. Male and female also represent the Light and the Vessel, or the desire and the fulfillment of that desire. Male and female energies together, in the right flow, represent a perfect union, much like the Sun and the Moon during a full moon. Today, we aim to achieve a balance of these two forces in our lives. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, either. We all possess the forces of male and female within us. Let us all meditate and start our day by sending a special request to the Creator and to the universe. Let us ask to be open to allowing the Light of the Creator to enter our lives in a balanced way that we can handle. Ask the Creator to guide you in balancing both the male and female energies that exist within. Ask the Creator to teach you when it is the time to give, and when it is the time to receive. The continuity of Light depends on this delicate balance.

July 4 - New Moon of Cancer


Happy new moon of Cancer! Cancer is known for its mood swings. Today, with the challenging aspect between Mercury and Uranus, we are adding to the mix even more energy of change. We should all be cautious, today, to avoid being affected by this fluctuating energy. This is not the day to rock the boat and shake things up further. Do not seek changes that are driven by spur of the moment feelings and desires. Today, we want to value and seek stability. Go on the path that feels safe to you. Do not challenge authority or question the long term relationships in your life. If you need to change something, choose another day when the cosmos is positively supporting it. Any cosmic influence is general to all of us. It is always recommended to examine how transits and cosmic events reflect upon you personally utilizing a personal chart reading. In this way, we can see what doors are opening for you and what challenges might arise. Wishing you all a good and positive month!  

July 5

Pride & Prejudice

The best advice for today, with three planets in Leo (Mercury, Mars, and the Moon), is to stay humble. Be open to listening to others and avoid being overly proud of your own ideas and opinions. Leo is a warmhearted sign and enjoys helping and supporting others. But, this desire to help can come from a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. Today, try to be there for others. Open your heart and ears. Listen to another's opinion first, before sharing your own. It is good to be confident and certain, but take the time to restrict. Reconsider your words and how you are communicating with others. In helping others, we must learn to be invisible and put the needs of others ahead of our own. We cannot put another person first, if deep down we feel that we are the most important person in the equation.

July 6 - Shabbat Chukat

Feelings Are Not Facts

Today’s movement of the moon into the sign of Virgo brings with it opportunities and challenges. Being in the month of Cancer, our emotional world is on center stage. Our sensitivity level could be soaring through the roof! The Moon represents our emotions, and its movement into the earthy, rational, and perfectionist sign of Virgo can potentially encourage us to obsess on our feelings and tediously try to analyze and rationalize them. On the other hand, if we feel plagued by mood swings and intense emotional reactions, this movement into Virgo can support us with balance. It can help us to align our heart and feelings with our rational mind and do what make sense. Let us all be aware of this cosmic influence for the next two days, as the Moon changes into a new sign every two and half days. Let us make sure to use this time for our benefit and not allow it to control us. Sensitivity is a beautiful quality that allows us to understand the needs of others so we may help them. But too much sensitivity can paralyze us from staying grounded in the importance of our own needs. Seeking the balance of helping others and also taking care of ourselves, allows us to continue, healthfully, to be a channel of goodness in this world.

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