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Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 14-20, 2019

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Here we are, in the second week of lunar Aries and on the road to the full moon of Nissan (the Aramaic name of the month of Aries), which is also called Passover, or Pesach. This unique and yearly cosmic event will occur Friday night and Saturday. 

As it happens, this week, the cosmos encourages us to reflect on many things from our past, since the chart opens up with eight planets in water, a sharp Scorpio rising, and Mercury still in Pisces. Very contemplative and introverted, indeed! In addition, a powerful stellium of planets in Pisces are conjuncting the Black Moon. This is the perfect alignment for a good emotional cleansing!

What are we to do?

First of all, this week it is essential for us to reflect, internalize, and (literally!) come clean about situations and events during which our words or actions may have hurt others — even if it occurred a very long time ago. Oh my, we might have to write a list as long as Schindler’s! No matter; the most important thing is to simply start.

Now, we are well aware of how difficult it might be to first admit, then verbalize how sorry we are about the turn of certain past events. Our strong egos (that is, the Aries ram energy in us) would rather our tongues be cut off than apologize! But here we are in the depth of the Aries lunar month, and we need to perform a little surgery on our tough hearts, and render them more mellow. In short, we need to put the “animal” in a good cage first, then domesticate him!

Our first assignment for this week is to recall and/or locate whomever you’ve hurt in the past and email, text, message, or call this person — whatever it takes — and say, “I just realized what I said to you a million years ago, and I want to say how sorry I am for the way I handled things.”


Second, let’s continue the spring cleaning! All the unnecessary physical clutter that is annoying and in our way needs to be rearranged, donated, or removed. If there is very old stuff you are still hanging on to, let it go. Uranus, the cosmic “broom” is currently in comfortable Taurus, trining Jupiter, and squaring the moon. Many old Taurean habits and patterns are then brushed away from our lives! This is our best bet for quick results. This is definitely a time for positive self-reflection and self-correction, rather than creating big stories and Shakespearian theatre.

Since Uranus is in the sixth house, care should be taken at work with colleagues and employees, as Uranus has a passion for rocking the boat in biblical proportions. All in all, we should welcome the “wholly” day of Pesach with great joy, so we can feel lighter, cleaner, and ready to put order (in Hebrew: seder) in our astrological year to come.

Happy holiday to all, and don’t forget to make your connection Friday night and Saturday in person or online at

article by Yael Yardeni

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