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Weekly Astrology

November 10

An Opening for Successful Communication

Mercury is in Scorpio and in retrograde until November 19th. We know that when Mercury is in retrograde it has a challenging effect upon all forms of communication. Today, we receive some relief in this area as Mercury is forming a nice aspect with Pluto. This aspect is ideal for any communication and healing efforts. This is a great day to engage yourself in any intuitive healing work. This aspect can also help bring success in our creative process. If you are trying to sell anything, to introduce a new product, or create any kind of art, today’s cosmic energy is supporting you. We all have the power of creation and the Light inside of us. Like the light of the sun trying to make its way into the room, once the obstacles have been removed and the curtains have been drawn, the sun is free to shine. When our fears and barriers are removed, we can shine our Light in the same way.  

November 11

Stay Tuned In

Today, stay tuned in, stay alert, and pay attention. Today, Mercury is crossing over the face of the Sun which only happens 13 times in an entire century! The next time this cosmic event occurs will be in 2032. This crossing signifies that an important message or vital information is within our reach. Spiritually, we are encouraged to stay tuned in, be open minded, and be free of judgments and personal agendas so that we may receive the messages and guidance we need for our spiritual journey. In addition, since Mercury is currently retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, we want to be on the lookout and avoid crises or detrimental misunderstandings. Cosmic openings are gifts. They are special opportunities to aid us in our spiritual development. The Creator sends us help in many forms. We only need to be open to seeing and hearing the guidance that will benefit us and generate the blessings we seek.

November 12

What Is Real Security?

With the full moon in Taurus, we gain the ability to achieve real security. Taureans tend to think that security is derived only from material things, but with the sun in Scorpio, we can understand that true security comes from the Light we generate from our ability to change and transform. This full moon provides us with the tremendous positive energy of unification and completion. It assists us in accepting changes, gifts us with the willingness to transform what is unpleasant, and helps us to detach from our material possessions. These qualities take us on the path to achieve peace and tranquility inside and out. Taurus and Scorpio are opposites on the zodiac wheel. They are like a right and left hand working together. The Scorpio allows us to make the necessary changes and draw the Creator’s Light, while the Taurus gives us the certainty, stability, and calm waters we need for balance. Together, they can give us an opening to experience the authentic security only the Light can give us. 

November 13

Creating Circuitry in Our Relationships

We all desire and wish to feel love. Our ideal relationships are the ones in which we feel fulfillment and there is the opportunity to give of our hearts, as well as receive what we need from our partner. With the challenging aspect of today between Venus and Neptune, there is a danger of falling into an illusionary reality, especially in the area of romance and relationships. Be cautious from falling head over heels with something that does not even exist. Awaken your logic today, and think twice, even three times. Think about the long-term process. Is your head in clouds while you are making decisions? Illusions lack any substance so we lose so much energy maintaining something that does not exist. We fight for what is not really there, sacrificing our peace and happiness. We feel like a victim in illusionary relationships because we are always giving and working to keep up the lie, yet we never receive ourselves. There is no balance in energy but we choose to ignore how we feel and what we see. Take a moment today and examine your love life. Be honest with what is there and how you feel. Do not settle for a second-rate love. Aspire for real balance. Allow yourself to see beyond the illusion for the sake of creating real circuitry, real happiness, and true love. 

November 14

It All Begins With a Thought

One of the most important and fascinating concepts in the study of Kabbalah is the Tree of Life, the system of 10 levels of our existence. We learn that the world is comprised of 10 dimensions and that everything originates from the highest dimension called Keter. Keter correlates to what we think of as a “thought.” Before anything is manifested in the lowest dimension of our physical world, known as Malchut, we need to first think of it, envision it, plan it, and bring it into action via these 10 levels. Because of the beautiful aspect that Mercury, the planet of thought, is forming with Neptune and Saturn, today, we have the potential to formulate great ideas, visions, and imaginations, as well as the ability to formulate a plan and know what steps need to be taken to turn them into reality. Take advantage of today’s cosmic support and take the time to think, day dream, and envision all that is possible. Meditate to connect to divine inspiration. Today, the idea can come, as well as the knowledge to manifest it. The Tree of Life is the process and secret of all creation. If used properly, it allows us to access authentic power and achieve lasting fulfillment. 

To learn more in depth about the Tree of Life, click here

November 15 - The Day of Noach's Flood

The Choice to Build or Destroy Is in Your Hands

Historically, today is the day when Noah’s Flood occurred. The flood occurred on the 17th day of the lunar month of Scorpio. On this day, the level of human negativity reached a peak and it led to the complete destruction of all living creatures on the face of the earth, via a flood. The power of water can be incomprehensible. Water nurtures us, keeps us alive, heals us, and even protects us from any harm, as in our mother’s womb. Our bodies are even composed of 65% water! However, water can be destructive, God forbid, in the form of drowning and natural disasters. Today, the Sun is still in Scorpio, a water sign, and the Moon just entered another water sign, Cancer. We are challenged today with the overflowing emotional effect of water. We want to learn to balance our internal emotions. Any extreme manifestation of our emotions can potentially lead to a fall and destruction. We want our emotions to help us grow and develop spiritually, not pull us into a pit of passions and obsessions. The secret to using emotions for positivity and to keep balance is simple, but not always easy. If we use our feelings and emotions in order to be better aware of the needs of others so we can better help and support them, we prevent our emotions from controlling us. In this way, our emotions are tools to help us activate the Creator within and generate Light for others, the world, and ourselves.  

November 16 - Shabbat Vayera

The Power of Control

The month of Scorpio has many gifts and is rich with spiritual opportunity for our advantage. Today, and every day of the month, we are all influenced by the positive and negative elements of the month’s sign. We must learn how to navigate the energy and connect as much as possible to its positivity. For Scorpio, let us focus on the concept of control, because the scorpion has a huge desire to control. This desire can manifest in a negative way when try to control others and our environments. This type of control is really manipulation and not true care for other people and for the Creator’s plan. You may wonder then: How is control something positive and able to be used in a constructive way? Our teacher Rav Berg in his book, Kabbalistic Astrology, gives us some of the best guidance on the matter of control and Scorpio: “Scorpio must learn to detach from their emotions. Whenever you experience a surge of anger, passion, or hatred, you must endeavor to control it. Scorpios should stop manufacturing crises and dramas that eventually overwhelm them and those around them.” Let us all listen to this advice today, and for the rest of the month. In learning to control our own negative emotions, instead of others, we can achieve lasting peace and the greatest of spiritual heights. 

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