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Weekly Astrology

September 17

Just Do It!

Today, we face the combination of Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Taurus. These two earthy signs help us surpass any obstacle and allow us to accomplish our goals. Oftentimes, we are clear on our goals and understand what we must do to manifest them. However, the problem lies in our lack of perseverance and we often allow obstacles, doubts, fears, and negative emotions to hold us back. Each planet has a sign that allows for its positive and balanced power to be expressed. The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus. Since the moon is our emotional guide, today, with the help of Taurus, we can potentially be stronger and more balanced emotionally. Together, with the Sun in Virgo, creates an optimal time to get things done, from beginning to end without interruptions. Spiritually, if we continue to ask, we will eventually receive. If we continue to knock, the door will open. Desire is our greatest tool to draw Light and the blessings we seek. 

September 18

The Past Is the Past, the Future Is Now

The planet Saturn is ending its time in retrograde. Saturn was in retrograde for the last four and a half months and was signaling us to reconsolidate our resources and re-evaluate our expenses and financial plans for growth. Saturn is a powerful planet that can support us in building and establishing anything in our physical reality. Since Saturn is moving direct today, we are encouraged to start a period of taking actions to manifest our goals, while taking in consideration all that we learned over the last four and a half months. When Saturn is moving direct, the energy is about moving forward. It is time to leave the past behind and use Saturn’s discipline and constructive energy to move into the future. Kabbalistically, we learn that in the month of Virgo, we have an amazing opportunity to learn from our past and envision ourselves into a new and better future. Before the kabbalistic new year starts, the beginning of the sign of Libra in a couple of weeks, it is a perfect time to take advantage of the planet Saturn’s affect and envision a brighter, clearer, and more positive future. Let us start moving in this direction today! The past is in the past, let it go. When we hold on to the past, we force our energy to be wasted upon keeping it on a spiritual “life-support”. This drains us of vital energy. When we release the past, our power returns to us and we are able to be stronger and better than ever. 

September 19

To Conquer the World

The only time of the entire year that the two powerhouse planets of Mars and Pluto are in harmony is today! Mars and Pluto are known to be forceful, strong, and confident. This beautiful connection, today, can be a great motivation for us to take actions in the areas we are afraid of or only dream of taking. Of course, again, I am referring to positive actions such as conquering a fear, confronting an injustice, initiating projects, and jumping into the water. It is a time when we can be dedicated fully to any good cause. We can effectively solve problems because Pluto provides us with deep insight and the origins of our issue at hand. It is a great day to do something constructive and positive to your surroundings, as well. This can provide the needed strength and spiritual energy to sustain us through any crises or difficult time ahead. Take advantage of this tremendous cosmic support that the universe is providing and let’s conquer the world! 

September 20

Stop the Insanity!

Today, we still have the residual influence of the powerful trine of Mars and Pluto, both being in earth signs. These two planets can be quite destructive when they interact in a negative way. Since the trine is a positive aspect today, their destructive forces unite in a supportive manner. How can destruction be a positive force? Today is an ideal day to eliminate and put to an end any negative habit. Since both planets have the strong ability to end things, today can be the first day to plant the seed for a future free from addictions and negative behaviors. Meditate to cultivate your desire to be free from habits that never give to you, but only take from you. Do you procrastinate, causing yourself unnecessary stress? Do you overspend? Judge others? Are you smoking? Biting your nails? Sleeping the day away? Bad habits are addictions that prove to only rob us of energy over time. They are seeds we plant that never bear fruit. Today, we can stop the insanity and use our energy to create a better future and lives for ourselves. The power and choice are always in our hands. Every day, we can choose to do better once we know better. 

September 21 - Shabbat Ki Tavo

Thinking Before We Act

With today’s challenging aspect between Jupiter and Neptune, it might be better if you kept your credit card in your pocket! Today, there is a potential to lose your head and be irresponsible and incautious. Our line of reasoning can be somewhat distorted and our vision can become clouded. Since Jupiter welcomes risk taking and encourages us to act in an exaggerated manner, with Neptune’s influence, today may not be the best day to take any chances. In addition, keep in mind the tendency to reveal secrets unknowingly. Watch what we are saying to others. To be a successful king or queen in life, we must govern with our wisdom first and our passions and feelings second. 

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