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"Wash, Co-Wash, Detox... Oh My!"

Wash, Co-Wash, Detox... oh my!

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to consider what is ideal for your hair regime.

From detoxing your liver, to detoxing your life of negative people, detoxing is everywhere! Something that's not talked about enough, though is detoxing your hair... 

Do you Co-wash your hair? If you do, you should always have a great detox regimen in place.

Why is it important to detox ? It helps cleanse the hair & scalp by removing any negative build-up that may accumulate during weekly activities . Some of these activities include excercise, heavy product usage, and/or co-washing. 

Is this important for curly or coily hair? Yes!! Your curls & coils will thank you with perfect formation & good behavior. Sometimes product build-up will not let them flourish. Low porosity hair may also accumulate more buildup.

Should I detox if I have straight hair?  Absolutely!! Your hair will be full of body & natural movement . Also allowing blowouts to last a bit longer. Straight hair may have excess oil at times.

Will detoxing affect my color treated hair ? It will not negatively affect your color treated hair as long as you have one that is Sulfate free. In addition, a professional/quality color will not be affected by a Sulfate free detox.

Implement a detox hair product, like Lana Fierce Black Clay and Charcoal Shampoo, that is designed to revive your hair. This product does not strip the hair. It's made to exfoliate, cleanse, & strengthen hair. Lana Fierce Black Clay and Charcoal also smells amazing with hints of a sweet tropical aroma & leaves the hair feeling clean & not dry. Charcoal is known to draw toxins from hair & scalp gently . Black clay has hair and scalp detoxifying, disinfecting and purifying properties, controls sebaceous glands and blocks the excessive sebum secretion . Also softens & protects hair from environmental damage.



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