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New Moon: Meaning and Meditation

January 7, 2019

Moon Phases

The Moon lights up our darkness and represents the moods and forces of our unconsciousness. Ever wonder why we look up at the sky, searching, longing for its serene glow at night? Why do we see a full moon, or a harvest moon and feel a strange softness take over our mind and body? Conversely, why is a full moon blamed for "wild" behavior or upticks in criminal activity? If you are a "moon child" like me, you might instinctually need to call or text a friend-- "wow, check out the moon tonight!" Perhaps you feel driven to drag your lover out of bed to witness the beauty of the moon while embracing beneath it. There is a reason for this mystical behavior in us all. Simply put, the moon and its phases impact every sign in the zodiac as it passes through the astrological signs every two days, causing receptivity, awareness and sensitivity to highten for some or result in blockages for others. The moon is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac. Part of honoring its impact on you is knowing how you naturally respond to its phases.

A worthy exploration for any mystic!

Each of the zodiacal signs is ruled by one, sometimes two planets, and the meaning of each sign is influenced by the nature of the planet that rules it.

The Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer, those born June 22-July 23.

Today, January 7, 2019 the moon phase is a New Moon, Waxing, 0-45 Degrees.

The New Moon phase acts as a tabula rasa, a blank slate, in the mystical sense. It's time for every sign in the zodiac to meditate on the goals, the business and personal dreams blossoming in your minds eye-- your secret head and heart space. This is not just passive daydreaming, this is a call to meditate with the purpose of using the opportunity the moon phase offers you for the next two days. Not to be confused with meditating to clear the head of clutter or stress. If you must, do that first. Then do this:

Start a meditation, sit legs crossed, back straight, lips slightly parted with attention to grinning or smiling, actively holding a pleasant smile through the entirety of the session.

Say out loud: I now tune into the place of spiritual receptivity essential for the placing of my body, mind and spirit on a creative launching pad.

The Meditation: On this "creative launching pad" you will sit and calmly receive a great period of productivity and growth. Sit in your meditation, confident and blissful (evident by your knowing smile) and in the head and heart space that knows you have tapped into a zone of atmospheric support.

SPEAK: speak, sing, hum, or babble the dreams of your heart and ask for help from the Universe to experience their manifestation. A possible start if this meditative style is challenging for you. "This is a New Year, there is a new moon and these are the words I write on the blank slate. I activate............(use your words)

Ending The Meditation: Smile, breath, say thank you, be receptive.

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