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March 26th : Astrology


With Venus’ movement into the sign of Pisces, there is a beautiful potential to awaken love and harmony today. For some of us, emotions and expressing them might be difficult. Today supports us to connect to a new level in feeling the needs of others and being compassionate. We are supported in learning how to express love and receive love. Love is a force that spans throughout all our interactions. We can feel love in romantic relationships, friendships, family, and even for all of humankind. Today, we gain the ability to expand our hearts even further and learn to love people and concepts that we have previously neglected. Do anything possible today to connect to this beautiful force we call love. Share your feelings with another, give to people, and pay more attention overall to the people and things you love. The sky is the limit to the amount of love that can be awakened, shared, and created in our lives. Let us be channels of love for the entire world. Let us choose to be a positive source of love for all with whom we come in contact. When we each choose to ignite the love within our hearts, we ignite our own light. Together with enough lights, we can remove all of the darkness from this world. 

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