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June 12 -15 Astrology

June 12

Abundance of Opportunities

One of the greatest gifts of the month of Gemini is its abundance of options and opportunities that can come our way. This month can potentially present to us many possibilities. For the typical Gemini, and for all of us this month, the main challenge is choosing and committing to our choices. Today, let us practice the quality that will be most helpful during this month. In any area, once you have taken the time to examine all your options and have made a choice, make it your goal to stick to your choice. If the feeling comes to flee, shift, change, or replace, linger instead a bit longer. The blessings of a decision can only come to fruition when we give them the time to maturate. Live with your choice and take the time to learn all you can from wherever you are in life. It is in this way you can gain a deeper connection and more meaningful spiritual experience. Every path we take, the Creator is with us. In every situation there is a lesson and a blessing waiting for us. We need only be willing and open to receiving it.

June 13

Rooting for the Underdog

The beautiful trine between Mars and Neptune, today, can encourage all of us to take action, support, and fight for the underdogs. Mars is the planet of wars and actions. When our motivation is selfish, the energy of war and confrontation is directed in a negative way. But since Mars is aligned with the supportive aspect of Neptune, which is known for its spirituality and supporting of the weak, we get a tremendous amount of power to wage war for the cause to save, rescue, support, and help anyone that is in need. Take time, today, and explore how you can participate in an organization or group that supports minorities or people in need. Get involved, speak up, and do anything in your power that can make a difference in the lives of others. The most beautiful of miracles occur in our lives when we make the effort to be a part of making miracles for others.

June 14

Making the Effort

Mars and Saturn face off, today. This face-off places two opposing forces in battle. Mars is all about action with little thinking. Saturn is just the opposite force; it is about calculating every step of the way and working hard to move forwards in life. This cosmic event is here to remind us that we need to work for everything that we desire to receive in life. Today, prepare to work hard and make the necessary effort to manifest your dreams and desires. Restriction, determination, and effort are the spiritual requirements to connect to true and lasting fulfillment. At one point, before the Creation of this world, we received everything. However, the one thing we did not receive was the privilege of being the cause of what we received. The Creator could not give us that, only we could. We have come to this world to give to ourselves the one last thing we desire: to be the cause of our own joy and happiness. It is through our giving, loving, and effort in life that we make the final move and place the last piece of the puzzle on our total fulfillment and destiny.

June 15 - Shabbat Becha'alotcha

Finding Your Right Pace

With today’s Mercury and Saturn opposition, it might be challenging finding your right pace. Mercury, the solar system’s fastest moving planet, is facing off and conflicting with the slow and cautious Saturn. As a result, we might feel the energy, drive, and courage to take things to the next level today. This could be mixed with even a sense of impatience. Or, on the other hand, we could feel that we hit a wall! We could feel resistance, doubts creeping in, or see a long list of reasons why we should not proceed forward. Today, the secret to success would be to find the balance. Whenever there is an opposition of planets in the cosmos, it is a signal that it is time to learn the art of balancing both forces and find the middle ground. Kabbalah teaches that unifying two opposite forces creates the miracles and Light we seek. Restrictionis the tool that allows two to become one. How can fire and water join forces? When the water is restricted and placed inside a pot, it can then be put on the fire. How do we receive, yet also be a force of sharing? By restricting to receive only for ourselves alone, and instead receive in order to help and share with others. Unifying opposites is the heart of our spiritual mission in this world, and restriction is what allows us to do so. 

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