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Daily Astrology

October 6

Take a Deep Breath; Patience Is Required

It is definitely a high-voltage day. The intense energy of today can potentially awaken tension and anxiety, but if we learn how to balance it in the right way, it can lead to great insight and spiritual vision. Mercury and Uranus are opposing one another, which is speeding up our thinking process. When planets oppose each other, it signifies a struggle and a conflict. The question is: Are we willing to solve the conflict and overcome the struggle? The spiritual opportunity, today, is to apply self-discipline and patience. Be a force that strives for balance, and with this intention, you will avoid the potential turbulences that this opposition might create. Our consciousness does create our reality. Our consciousness allows us to change our destinies and enter into new and different “movies” of life. There are parallel universes happening simultaneously. The magic of life is that we can choose the kind of world we want to live in. When we choose to focus upon love, balance, and peace, we choose a life in which positive energy reigns supreme. This is our great underestimated power as human beings. The choice is always in our own hands.

October 7

Going Outside of Yourself

Today, we need to learn to pay attention to those around us, especially when we are feeling heavily focused upon ourselves and our own needs. Do you know those moments when you feel that you have all the energy and excitement you could ever need? When you feel you have all the answers, the universe is supporting you, and the wind is at your back? These great moments are gifts and really help us to move forward in life. But what happens when, in the middle of one of these great times of positive energy, someone asks us for our help? What if someone asks us to slow down a little to lend them a hand? Having to help another can feel like it will only inhibit us and slow us toward reaching our goal. It is in these moments that we find the test of life. Today, pay attention to these tests. You might not realize it at the moment, but the universe is always sending you angels to help you along your way. Stay aware of your environment and who is coming into your life while you focus on your individual desires. If you stay open and are willing to stop and give energy to others now and again, you will arrive even faster where you intend to go. That’s the paradox and beauty of creation. The gift is always found within the sharing with others and going outside of ourselves. When we help another with their dream, the Light will help us with ours. No matter how fast we think we are, we are never faster and better than the speed of Light!

October 8 - Yom Kippur Eve

Love and Hate: Avoiding the Extremes

The feeling of extreme love is on the horizon today. Love is a beautiful emotion when expressed in a balanced and gentle way. Strong and powerful expressions of love are only positive when they expressed with sensitivity to the other person. After all, is smothering someone really love? Today, Venus, the planet of love, is moving into the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a tough energetic neighborhood for Venus to reside, as it naturally yearns for balance and peace. Scorpio will awaken intense emotions, that if directed in a negative way, can lead our love to the dark side of obsessiveness and jealousy. Pay close attention to your emotions towards your loved ones today. Pay attention specifically to the way that you express your love and if you suddenly feel your love turn to hatred. When an extreme energy source meets the "planet of love," it can easily awaken feelings of hatred and revenge, which we should all avoid. Our actions and thoughts are like boomerangs, we cast them out at our targets, but find they only come right back to us. Learning to conquer our hatred and turn towards love can be the greatest act of self-care we can ever take. 

October 9 - Yom Kippur

Dulling Our Knives

Yesterday, we mentioned how Venus had entered into the sign of Scorpio. This can be an intense time for emotions and even extreme or brutal if our love turns into hatred. However, today, Venus in Scorpio is having a beautiful aspect with the moon in Pisces. We can now access the power to become softer and kinder in our interactions with others. This energy can be utilized proactively if we make the choice to express our inner feelings and emotions with a little gentleness. Venus in Scorpio still compels us to say the truth and to be direct, but with the moon in Pisces, we are able to dull our sharp edges. This positive influence of Pisces can also affect our financial affairs by helping us tap into our intuition and gut feelings. Pisces is the most evolved sign of the zodiac and offers the gifts of spiritual maturity, love, and mercy. When it appears in the chart, it sweetens and purifies whatever it touches. This is the power of love. When love comes on to the scene, everything just gets better.

October 10

Protecting Your Energy 

We all feel the desire to help others and assist them with their challenges. This is a positive desire and feeling, but it must be balanced or else it can become destructive. Today, with the challenging aspect of the Sun and Neptune, we all should be aware of the potential to help someone in an imbalanced way. Remind yourself that while it is a good thing to be there for others, you must also set healthy boundaries. We have to be careful while in the process of serving other people’s needs that we do not deplete our own energy and ignore our own needs. We may think that we are doing an act of sharing by listening to someone’s troubles and offering our help, but today, we must stop to think: Is it really helping them? Is my support allowing them to become stronger so that they may surmount their own challenge independently? If you have a relationship in your life in which the other person is dependent upon you in an unhealthy and imbalanced way, take a stand and decide what will more accurately help them instead. The answer might even be to advise them to seek professional help. Oftentimes, saying no is helping someone. Sometimes, saying nothing at all is what the person needs to hear. Sometimes, not giving is the greatest gift. True love and care is understanding we need to help people to walk their own journey in life, not to walk it for them.

October 11 - Rav Berg's Day of Elevation

Under Pressure and Loving It

Is pressure a positive or negative force? With today’s challenging aspect with Mars and Uranus, we can potentially feel stressed and guilt over not reaching our goals quite soon enough. To answer the question, according to Kabbalah, pressure is actually a good thing! Pressure is our driving force that assists us to get things done. Without pressure, we would most likely never push ourselves beyond our limits and end up staying stuck forever in the same place. Utilizing pressure in a balanced way will motivate us to grow and progress in life. The issue appears, however, when pressure turns into stress, anxiety, and guilt. Our goal today, will be to avoid taking the stressful route. We must remind ourselves that the Light force of the Creator is always with us in everything we do. We need to make the effort and do everything in our power to push through our obstacles, but the results and timing are in the Creator’s hands. At the end of the day, we do not always know what is truly best for ourselves. We do not always know the best timing for things to evolve and manifest. What is important is that we are pushing and focusing on our growth while allowing the Creator the space in our hearts and minds to do His part of the work. Working alongside with the Creator will lead us to our soul’s evolvement and growth. So, let’s drop the stress and welcome the pressure. 

October 12 - Shabbat Ha'Azinu

Life Is a Rollercoaster; Fasten Your Safety Belts

How do we generally handle unpredictability? Do we welcome it or are we scared of the unknown and the unexpected? Do we lack certainty? Today presents this test for us. With Venus opposing Uranus, which is the only time this year it will do so, we can experience a sense of excitement in the romance department, beckoning us to try something new and break our routine. On the other hand, the cosmos could create for us unpredictable or unstable situations. Life can feel a bit like a rollercoaster today, especially in the areas of finances and relationships. Today will be important to take the open-minded approach to life. Open your hands and look up to the universe. Express to it your desire. Ask the Creator to help you accept and navigate successfully any changes or surprises. This is a day to ask the Light for strength, certainty, and the ability to understand that whatever comes your way is only for your best and brought to you out of love from the Creator. Start your day by meditating on this spiritual truth so you can be prepared for life’s unexpected gifts.

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