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Astrology May 30 - June 1, 2019

May 30

The Risk in Being Delusional

With today’s T-Square of Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury, the challenge will be mainly in our heads. Today, our mind, thoughts, ideas, dreams, and fantasies could potentially be disconnected from reality. This disconnect could affect our communications with others. Be aware of exaggeration, losing perspective, and focusing only on the positive and completely ignoring the negative. Avoid convincing others to believe in a possibly illusionary reality that only you believe exists. Today it is very important to initiate a “reality check” before saying or doing anything. Kabbalistically, being able to connect to the ultimate reality, known as the Tree of Life Reality, can only be achieved by being able to differentiate between what is real and what is an illusion. 

May 31

Messages of Meaning

Today has the potential to deliver important and meaningful messages. Conversely, we garner the ability to communicate to others in a more meaningful and truthful way. The powerful aspect between Mercury and Pluto opens a door for all of us to express ourselves in a powerful way that can truly make a difference for others and our world as a whole. This can be manifested throughout all the fields of work. Therapists, healers, teachers, musicians, writers, journalists, and bloggers, take the time today to connect to this cosmic opening and share the messages you have to share! Seek truth and meaning in what you say. Our words have the power to uplift others and even save lives, when we use them for the good in which they were intended.

June 1 - Shabbat Bamidbar

Maturity and Loyalty

Today’s beautiful aspect between Venus and Saturn, both being in earth signs, allows us to awaken more maturity in our lives, especially in our relationships. Loyalty is another quality that is strengthened within us today. It is a great day to start growing roots and take another step closer towards commitment in our relationships. It can be a good day to speak about the issues that matter in your relationships and seek to find solutions in a mature and constructive manner. Show your loyalty today to anyone who is dear to you, taking the time to express your love and commitment to them. Our spiritual work and growth is found within our relationships. We need and rely on other people if we wish to be engaged in true and authentic spirituality.

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