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ASTROLOGY : April 1-5

April 1

Avoiding Conflict

Today, we should be aware of the tendency to engage in unnecessary disputes, be irritable, and rush into ideas that we will be sure to regret later down the road. Pay attention if you begin to become upset or annoyed. Allow the steam to pass and do not confront a situation when feeling this way. Also, be on the look-out for any feeling of self-doubt. This is only a temporary illusion and it will pass. Do not act when under the spell of doubt, wait until your confidence emerges again. When needed, take deep breaths throughout the day, reminding yourself that this stress is only fleeting. Instead, focus on something positive and allow the frustrations and fears to fall by the wayside. Each day we can be influenced positively or negatively by the cosmos, but it is up to us to daily establish and renew our connection to the spark of the Creator within. In this way, we can be sure of success on any day of the year. As the Rav Berg taught, “The stars impel us, but do not compel us.”

April 2

The Power of Imagination

Today’s energy can help us to disconnect from limited thinking. In Kabbalah we learn about two existing realities: the 1% physical reality and the 99% metaphysical unlimited reality. We wish to always keep the channel to the 99% reality open, for this is our source of ideas, creative solutions, blessings, and untapped power. Cosmically, there are times that are very conducive for connecting to this realm and today is one of those times! Today, in order to open those channels, make sure not to limit yourself in any way. Do not fall into limiting thinking. Erase the word “impossible" from your vocabulary and mind. Ask the Creator to help you constantly be open to seeing new and creative directions and solutions. Spirituality allows us to understand that there are many things in life that we do not yet know or understand. We are often unaware of the potential greatness we each hold inside. It is when we remember how limited our vision is that we are then able to see all there is to see.

April 3

Physical Care

Today’s energy is echoing the energy of healing from previous days. However, this time our healing is more focused upon our physical bodies. Take actions today in caring for your body and your physical health. The energy of today is so potentially positive that it can bring answers and resolutions to our health issues. If you have been meaning to take a certain health test, like a yearly physical, today is ideal. Make time for any physical activity that supports your health and wellbeing. Try yoga, aerobics, jogging, martial arts, biking, or hiking. We are all built differently and respond differently, so choose an exercise that you feel helps the most. Our body is the vessel and the house of our soul. By taking care of it and attending to its health we allow for a much stronger connection to our soul and ultimately to the Light of the Creator. For the Light can only dwell if we create the space for it.

April 4

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Today’s energy can support us in seeing what needs to be changed in our surroundings. We can develop a positive critical eye. If anything requires a change it is a perfect day to do so. Communicate with others and discuss the areas that need improvement. With today’s special cosmic support, the people around you can respond well to your feedback and you can express yourself with care and sincerity. The challenge with today’s energy is in understanding the big picture or long-range goal. Do not overwhelm yourself and try to change the future. Focus on the here and now and the practical aspects of life. Our environment influences us more than we may realize. Keeping our outside world positive will support our inner world and our spiritual path. 

April 5

New Beginnings

Before reaching the official new moon of Aries tomorrow, we have the Sun and the Moon already in Aries. Therefore, today is definitely the time to start anything new. Astrologically and kabbalistically, Aries is considered to be the first sign of the Zodiac. The beginning of this month is represented by the energy of the spring. Newness and freshness is in the air. Aries welcomes new creations, new ideas, and the planting of seeds for the entire year. For example, it is the perfect time to start a new job or relationship, launch a new product, sign a contract, or initiate anything new that brings excitement and motivation into your life. I would like to remind everyone that while the cosmos influences us all in a standardized way, it is critical to examine these planetary transitions and how they affect you personally. A personal chart reading is how to garner the most accurate information about your life and become aware of the opportunities and challenges that are relevant only to you and your spiritual journey.

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