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A 2019 Look At #MeToo And You

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

The Me Too Movement has been around long enough to boast the necessaries of any lasting social justice and human rights force for real change. It's opened dialogues about sexual abuse. It has changed social mores. Me Too has reached up to the highest levels of entertainment and corporate America, taking down men who operated from a position of entitlement.

We now all know that certain industries that fostered relationships between men and women where sexual intimidation tactics where entirely glossed over, have transformed because of the platform that #MeToo gave individual victims via social media and alternative media.

This month has seen the scathing public rebuke of one of the most notorious abusers of women. Millions tuned into the docuseries, "Surviving R. Kelly" which allowed the R&B singer's victims a venue for telling their truth and horror stories in the court of public opinion. R. Kelly's decades long sexual perversions, rape and violations against women and girls have a permanent place in our collective consciousness. Bringing the hidden abuse into the light as it pertains to sexual abuse against women is certainly a victory for the #MeToo agenda.

Going forward, the MeToo Movement in 2019 has the potential to continue to change lives by keeping the momentum going. Empowering women in the Me Too movement means turning the table on American cultural values. It means no longer allowing our culture to let men or women think its cute to coddle abusers.

Here are some powerful examples of what #MeToo can do for you...(click the link to read) What Will Happen To #MeToo in 2019? by PAVITHRA MOHAN

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