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“Predictions require the seer to operate in a dimension of consciousness that is beyond the normal constraints of time and space, but then to articulate his visions in terms of a specific time frame.”

-Mark Thurston, Millennium Prophecies




ARIES in 2019

This year starts out with some minor annoyances for you Aries. An uber driver running late and a silly overdraft charge from your bank was just enough to get you hot around the neck. The good news for you, my dramatic, passionate Aries friend-- you hold back a wild temper tantrum and apply a cool fix to the petty problems. Yes 2019 is a problem solving year where you use technology to slap annoying people and problems out of your path and tap into healthy and sensual practices like exercise, visual meditation and journaling to center yourself and launch your goals with gusto. Aries, there are plays to star in and businesses to launch. It's there for you, written in the stars.



TAURUS in 2019

Climbing the corporate ladder may be the main focus for your friends, but when you've put your work in, as you always have, 2019 is certainly a year to sit back and let the good times roll. This doesn't come naturally to you Taurus. The stars will it though, and circumstances will unfold that force you to enjoy your hard work and diligent planning. It may be a really fabulous luxury car. If you have been remodeling your home, a steam room in the shower perhaps? Its time to take an extra 15 minutes every morning to open your eyes, your pores, pamper your body and buy anything Tom Ford to fragrance your day. Enjoy the spoils.




GEMINI in 2019

Is that your voice recording reminders into your phone at all hours of the night, coming up with brilliant idea after brilliant idea? Yes it is Gemini. The stars say the inspiration and creativity always natural to you will cause some over thinking to the point of sleepless nights and wild visions that you must get on paper. Advice for this creative peak year? Enjoy the ride. The forces of creation are receptive to your quick wit and epic intelligence, be patient with your overactive sometimes scattered brain. It's hard to grab and hold every inspired thought. A schedule with set times for creative brainstorming and daydreaming are a must for you in 2019. Running and long sessions kissing the one you love will be your form of meditation.




CANCER in 2019

Mother, Lover, Financial Guru and Culinary Master. Cancer, you have always worn many hats, this year your abilities grow as life opens up more and more of what you love the most: Family and a Homelife chock full of activity. 2019 is a year for nurturing yourself with the same attentiveness you do for your loved ones, creating an inner circle of advisers for your growing business that increase your bottom line, celebrating your accomplishments publicly and joyfully.




LEO in 2019

You are a spice in a pot of rice in 2019. You are the essential ingredient at work, making your career shift back to a sweet spot of passion you thought was fading in 2018. You are ever the optimist Leo. However 2018 had you rather perturbed at inopportune times. Your relationships need to be worked on, perhaps a slip of the tongue roared out of your mouth after a challenging day. If its a work relationship, keep it to the point and if a mea culpa is appropriate, say sorry Leo! If its a romantic relationship, take it back to the bedroom and make love, repeat.




VIRGO in 2019

As the elegant and sophisticated force in your household, you find cleanliness and organized spaces to be a must in 2019. You challenge your spouse and children to pick up after themselves and do their part rather than leaving all the work to you and your perfectionism. While that used to sound like nagging, in 2019 you use technology and simple updates around the home to make wires disappear and closets to stay clean. If you've been thinking of hiring a housekeeper or a personal assistant, do it!




LIBRA in 2019

Let's be honest Libra, you showed up and showed out this holiday season. From perfectly wrapped gifts for family and friends, to hosting people at your house with ease. You gave love and got a lot of well deserved attention in return. In a way, you helped others transition from 2018 to 2019. Now the stars are aligned to help you. When changes or challenges come this year, you will have angels in all forms materialize to assist you. This will be a year of ups and downs but the lesson for you is to let help in. Allow people to show up for you the way you always have for them.


SCORPIO in 2019

Like a matador dancing with a bull, you watch and manage powerful forces with intensity and beauty as they come at you in 2019. Set backs in career are now seen for what they are, a grace period before your steady assent to long term financial dominance in your field. Armed with confidence and a clear head, you have no worries on the path set before you. You end up giving advice and receiving respect for your perspective.





After years of coasting through life and your intimate relationship, you are inspired to shake things up. The Universe hears your inner desire and sets you on a course of adventure that will bring financial hardship and a career shakeup. In the long term these pains are good for your character Sagittarius, and force you to change how you interact with people in your life. No more hiding behind a computer screen posting anonymous messages. Get out into nature, hiking and prayer will give you a clarity that will connect you to a spirituality you yearn for . This is the year to honor your creator and cherish your creations.





Everyone knows you are the hardest worker in the office, the last one to leave and the first to arrive. But did you really have to work through the New Year. Was that your light on in the office on Christmas Eve Capricorn! The stars have seen your late night hustle and reward you this year with an alluring distraction. A new child, a new relationship, a new business veuture? There is a shake up coming Capricorn. We know you fear change. But this will shift you to a more inspired season of balanced work and play.




AQUARIUS in 2019

Ups and Downs, Ins and Outs, and socializing galore. You are in a playful headspace which makes you float into social settings with more magic than usual in 2019. You are easy to be around and you make simple events, like meeting for coffee seem romantic and meaningful. This is a great year to get married or plan an event to celebrate your relationship with friends and family. You will inspire others to share openly their love the way you so easily do.





PISCES in 2019

Is This a high school reunion year for you Pisces? Why do blasts from the past keep reconnecting with you, or just showing up in the most unexpected places. You are a magnet for the past this year. Memories of simpler times of life make you nostalgic and get you into a routine of writing or journaling that helps you in whatever your career by infusing a sense of history and depth. You chose a new dietary plan in 2019. This health decision will remove either alcohol or a digestive irritant from your system, unblocking energy potential that gives you a zest for activities and sports you've never tried before. Have fun!


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Moon Phases

January 7, 2019

Currently: New Moon

The Moon lights up our darkness and represents the moods and forces of our unconsciousness.

Ever wonder why we look up at the sky, searching, longing for its serene glow at night?

Why do we see a full moon, or a harvest moon and feel a strange softness take over our mind and body?

Conversely, why is a full moon blamed for "wild" behavior or upticks in criminal activity?

If you are a "moon child" like me, you might instinctually need to call or text a friend-- "wow, check out the moon tonight!"

Perhaps you feel driven to drag your lover out of bed to witness the beauty of the moon while embracing beneath it.


There is a reason for this mystical behavior in us all. Simply put, the moon and its phases impact every sign in the zodiac as it passes through the astrological signs every two days, causing receptivity, awareness and sensitivity to highten for some or result in blockages for others. The moon is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac. Part of honoring its impact on you is knowing how you naturally respond to its phases.

A worthy exploration for any mystic!


Each of the zodiacal signs is ruled by one, sometimes two planets, and the meaning of each sign is influenced by the nature of the planet that rules it.

The Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer, those born June 22-July 23.


Today, January 7, 2019 the moon phase is a New Moon, Waxing, 0-45 Degrees.

The New Moon phase acts as a tabula rasa, a blank slate, in the mystical sense. It's time for every sign in the zodiac to meditate on the goals, the business and personal dreams blossoming in your minds eye-- your secret head and heart space. This is not just passive daydreaming, this is a call to meditate with the purpose of using the opportunity the moon phase offers you for the next two days. Not to be confused with meditating to clear the head of clutter or stress. If you must, do that first. Then do this:


Start a meditation, sit legs crossed, back straight, lips slightly parted with attention to grinning or smiling, actively holding a pleasant smile through the entirety of the session.

Say out loud: I now tune into the place of spiritual receptivity essential for the placing of my body, mind and spirit on a creative launching pad.

The Meditation: On this "creative launching pad" you will sit and calmly receive a great period of productivity and growth. Sit in your meditation, confident and blissful (evident by your knowing smile) and in the head and heart space that knows you have tapped into a zone of atmospheric support.

Speak: speak, sing, hum, or babble the dreams of your heart and ask for help from the Universe to experience their manifestation. A possible start if this meditative style is challenging for you. "This is a New Year, there is a new moon and these are the words I write on the blank slate. I activate these dreams for my life............(use your words)

Ending The Meditation: Smile, breath, say thank you, be receptive.


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